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Re: @ Higher lvls killing sunclaw

Galatic wrote:I ks sunclaw all the time, nothing personal, don't care about drop, I just like killing :mrgreen:

I think he just keeps looking at you badly and cussing you :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: @ Higher lvls killing sunclaw

Aurura wrote:Please stop, the purpose of sunclaw was for the ones who cant take the bigger dragons! But no, ive seen lvl 100+'s take it probably just so others can't! Im really trying not to lose it but that WAS the purpose of sunclaw if im not mistaken. Higher lvled players, leave sunclaw alone, you really are ruining the game for everyone else when you do this. Im not begging, crying, ranting, or anything like that, just trying to get the most out of this game which is hard when others abuse their lvl!

I stop killing sunclaw long ago after ingot my first set , i dont like to do sunscale cause drops re not worth but i do help my clanoes get their gear , but if u need midsummer armor give a whisper on game inwill gladly help you out . And hy the way sunscale is not a mob desing for lower lvl cause have a lot health more than a few lvl 120 bosses, all the diferent sunclaws are design for low lvl players from a lvl 30 sunclaw to lvl 50 sunclaw
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Re: @ Higher lvls killing sunclaw

Lol stopping in from morrigan, and it seems you don't like server danu Aurura... maybe it would be a smart idea to join a new server instead of playing on a server you obviously hate. (I'm not saying morrigan needs more players, god knows we have enough newbies :/ ) you may want to start looking for other servers if your unhappy with your current one... just another tip from the lone primate. :ugeek:
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