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What Mage Skills to Level

What skills are the best to max out?
And what is better, meditate, or Energy boost?

I'm wondering what's best to max, because idk if i should max all my attack skills, or just some attack skills and some on healing and mana skills?

Also, what are the new mage skills you get for those 2 quests, and what do they do???
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Re: What Mage Skills to Level

Confuzzled wrote:Well you can't use meditate when being attacked... lava terrain burns you therefore it is like you're being attacked... That is in Otherworld.

Ohhh. Thats right! Okay.
What should i max out skill wise?
im thinkin fire cloak, fire ball, then Energy Boost, and left overs go for Recuperate if i max out my health?
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Re: What Mage Skills to Level

Caliban wrote:Hi- thee are about 5 threads on just the first page of the Mage section of the forum dealing with this topic. There are many ways to build a Mage and those are talked about there... A lot. Good luck!

Ahh haha! (Didn't think to look)
Thanks! xD
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