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Feel free to lock this idc

So whyso still can't stay out of ur own way. Having to put in ur two senseless thoughts. Talk about typical. Secondly, knowing for a fact it's was red who stole my bow. If u had at the time the best weapon in the game an it got scammed from u, you might feel little bitter about it so a few low blows were taking at the cost of red. No loss here. Also you wouldn't know how it feels cause ur usually on the other end of the scam as well which is prolly why ur defending red in the first place.

Re: Feel free to lock this idc

You wouldn't know, how am I on the other end? You should already know your blaming me for no reason... As you always do it... Which isn't right when you don't know. Then once you think it was someone you bring in your whole clan on it.

Yeah, I don't know how it feels, so I guess I take my comment back. I don't wanna argue anymore anyway, so xell wont have to lock anymore topics in Danu. ;)
Waiting on the android version. Then I shall return to Danu!

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