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Dudes, nobody cares about the winterking bow anymore!

Just drop it, nobody really cares. I was only pissed at Red because of course Cheech came yelling at me about it first (Not Uncommon) and fortunately I wasn't involved but it wasted maybe 15 minutes of my time. Honestly I don't care anymore and I laugh that this stupidity is still going. So what Red or Jaz could be a scammer? Just don't trade them, and so what that Red speaks English like a child... Well he's working on it (I hope)... Just drop it, Danu has enough problems at the core, like the bad exp from Otherworld mobs. Just continue doing what we do best! Make loads of money and sell everything for extreme prices! Gosh, has everyone forgotten what it was like before the update?

Just turn this... ehhh Update into the old Danu. Horde items and sell them for ridiculous prices XD
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