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DANU READ. beatz resacer... Check mate.

All picture were taken by jaz, jaz pretended to be redracers friend to attempt to get the winterking bow back, she informed cheech what she was doing.




Re: DANU READ. beatz resacer... Check mate.

Danu is getting worse, especially with cheech around you can even read the pictures in the first place.... Can't even respect a foreign resident.... Wow, very mature cheech.

Go ahead and flame my comment now, because I know you will try and come up with something good. :)
Waiting on the android version. Then I shall return to Danu!

Re: DANU READ. beatz resacer... Check mate.

good god could we just stop with all this crap u guys act like 5 year olds chill out its just a bow so wat oh their r only 3 or 4 kbs in danu sooooo wat u think next year frostbelly aint gonna come??????? honestly cheech and jazmin grow up for gods sake its been going on for a bit to long now and no one really gives a unfathomable about it anymore except ur "fallowers" redracer dont scamm bows i dont care if u did or did not and lastly and could we stop making jokes about his grammer jeezs u guys r like grammar nazis around here
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