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New player looking for a clan

Hello good people,

I'm new to Danu - new to celtic heroes in fact! Can't believe I've never seen this game before, and apparently its some 8 years old!

A bit about me - I have a good pedigree when it comes to MMOs, from my humble beginnings playing Everquest back in 1999 (I had a level 60 rogue, back in the days when rogues were not the cool DPS characters they are today).

Currently I've been playing Star Trek: Fleet Command and am the (semi-retired) leader of a top alliance suffering from burnout and looking for a change of pace, something new yet familiar - and CH ticks those boxes.

My toon is Myrella Esau (yes I used the random name generator) - a Rogue, level 30 on Danu server. I always choose rogue characters, but from what I've read this might not have been the best choice since in CH, it seems everyone and their has a rogue! But I digress...

I'm not looking for a leg up, nor do I come with begging bowl in hand. I'm looking for a friendly bunch of folks, preferably who play European (UK) hours who can offer some helpful advice on how best to play my toon (although I'm a night owl, so eastern US times are fine by me).

Well, thats all folks - looking forward to your replies.

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