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Re: Smallz

xSum wrote:Would someone be nice enough to give us a TL;DR version please

Edit: Ok not exactly a shorter version, but a bit more clear


Hi everyone I am smallz 220 mage from donn and I used to make videos.

I was on donn for about more than a year, I joined Concordiia and left but wouldn't be allowed back in so I joined the clan Pirates, I started getting really salty and rude, I would grief other clans which made the clan look so bad to the point no one would join.

A few months after joining Pirates the leader didn't like me there anymore and constantly tried to make me become the leader of the feeder clan (because they didn't want me in the main clan), they had a hard time recruiting with me being there, I tried to convince MrScar to let me back into Concordiia, but he wouldn't, so I offered to bring the majority of Pirates to it (that was basically the fall of Pirates), then I hunted until I got promoted to clansman (which took a while) and honestly I was there only for the gear, I didn't like the people.

Later on I began the grind hunting for the clan and eventually got promoted to guardian, woo hoo! I was guardian for a good amount of time.

At some point I started buying rare items like fashion, mounts, etc. and I was running out of gold, but I had a lot of borrowed gear from Concordiia, so I sold an Orphic ring, MrScar eventually found out and didn't even demote me or anything he just warned me, but I wouldn't drop it, I kept blabbing until I got kicked, MrScar asked me to return the gear I borrowed from the clan and I rejected.

Later on (maybe a week later) I began to sell all my gear, that was wrong but that isn't the worst part, I created a fake toon that looked similar to the clan banks name, I scammed plenty of gear, people knew it was me but I still denied it and kept the lie going.

I'm not looking for any forgiveness, I cannot make any excuses for what I have done, I am a bad person and that's it.

I am 15 years old, I lied about my age to the whole server but I am sure they all knew I was young, I have been doing an internship for blind old people, I help any person I can, I know it is a game and it's virtual but there is real people behind those virtual characters, I try to feel better about my self by trying to do good in the real world, but nothing can be good enough to fix what I have done.

I wish I can give you an upvote but please take this +1
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Re: Smallz

The OP gave me cancer, so thank you xSum for going through what must have been hell to translate it into English.

God.. it's people like the OP who ruin the game for everyone. I truly hope he's changed for the better, in game and out. But there's still that part of me that doubts.

Donn will know if you've truly changed, even if you make a new account- let's hope you have.
Would you kindly?


Re: Smallz

Tadaaah wrote:Does anyone know the server? I think maybe the apology would be better served for the specific server?

Hey Smallz,

Good on you for learning from your mistakes (I truly hope you have). You're going to make plenty of mistakes in your life. The best you can do is learn from them. A lot of people can't look at themselves to see their mistakes and faults and own up to them to change. Glad, you're doing that. Introspection is important. Also, sounds like the volunteer work is doing some real-life good for you. Keep at it! Coming clean and apologizing can be difficult as a lot of times those moments remind and resurface shame we feel in our own actions, but they can also be very cathartic. Keep healing and bettering yourself. :)

EDIT: Please bear in mind, if you are banned, you still need to go through the proper appeals process. While I appreciate your sincerity, your actions still hold consequences.

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