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Desperately need Golden Quiver of Ice/Fire/Magic -- Please Help!

Hey! My in-game characters name is Seekor Befound. I am on the Donn server. Just looking for anyone who may or may not have a golden quiver they can sell me. At this point... I desperately need the regen and don't care which one. Just looking for an option here. I have been shouting for almost a week to no prevail.

If anyone wants to be extra awesome and sell me a fiery/arcane/freezing quiver of beasts for the same price... well... ;) you let me know.

Paying 180k right now for the quiver (
) Please get in contact with me in the game if you can. I am online all the time or contact me via forum or whatever to reach me and let me know.

Thank you community for you help!!!
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Re: Desperately need Golden Quiver of Ice/Fire/Magic -- Please Help!

lvl 50-100 is a very quick climb...u actually don't need to buy alvl 50 offhand... I suggest to just try to deal with the regen problems or buy a heroic ammy...then save for lvl 100 offhand.
Heroic Amy helps tons with regen and can be used till 150 if u don't find anything useful to replace it.
Also I suggest to invest on sigils.
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