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Mordris/ Edl progress

I'm from the clan Syndicate we are well known...we have just taken down mordris for the 14th time congrats everyone from Syndicate. Atm Syndicate has 3 full edl warriors 3 druids 4 rangers 3 rogues and 3 mages all full edl one of each class has edl main hand to...Great job Syndicate

I'd also like to add to the fact that active has been there with us for 12/14 mordi kills glad to have them with us plus they have some members in full edl idk exactly how many

Anyways donn server is making good progress and will continue to. May Syndicate and Active live long and prossper
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Re: Mordris/ Edl progress

Nice one dova I think active have 3 edl sets, 1 rogue, 1 warrior and 1 druid. Mordi 15,very,soon, me want my void spear ☺
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Re: Mordris/ Edl progress

Muldar wrote:
OpticalAwakens wrote:i just scammed everyones edl sets ._. turns out u can trade non tradable items.

Take a sharpie score out not and draw "Able" and anything can be tradable ;)

well what i do is ask the armor politely to trade itself over to me. if that doesnt work, i tell the armor the pros of going to me and the cons of staying with its owner. if that doesnt work i beg.

maybe ill have to use a sharpie, seems easier ._.
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