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Ring of haste 270k

Runic ring of courage 260k or trading for valour one

Frostbite, explosive arrow, conceal, bless 1.5k

Rescue, sanctuary, energy harvest, riposte, shieldwall, expose weakness, double shot, sharpen weapons 4k

Fire attunement, lifesteal 12k

Spirited black duskcrow hat, stardust white glenmor crest, sanghal white boots, connacht magus boots, connacht pathfinder bracers, wolf helmets
(Taking offers)


Hp sigils 4k each

Event chests 14k each

Crackers 75g each

3 runic ring if valour 300k each

Lvl 150 str quiver 340k

Lvl 190 str ring 700k

Lvl 190 heat dmg brace 800k

Lvl 190 str/dex ammy 900k

Purple/blue presents

Alt books 3.5k each
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