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When I joined Donn, everyone was friendly. I had plenty of lux and lixs. I spent 2300 dollars going to this server. So first thing I bought was a reaper ring. Now me I have been playing for awhile, I Max all my abilities before I really level so I was 110 with maxed everything! Joined conc and hit 208 In four days, was said I didn't boss....I showed up at each boss while still on lixs, the guy who was again a general in the conc clan, hated on me, but where is he at now he was kicked and in a new clan, while i was in this.. clan I seen ppl lvl like me, and get rewarded, omg geays u hit 205, mrscar gets in bank and hands out 150 gear and says congrats on the new gears....in the mean time he's I. Dg his wife has godlys, his wife and his alt has godlys, but you kick someone new to the server who you say keep level dont worry about gear we will fill the gap? I lvled to 208 in the first lvl gear and turn in all my drops because I was told if I did I wouldnr get kicked and then I still get kicked?? Conc sucks foreal and that why you went to number 2 in the Rankings, people is tired of u gearing you alts over ppl who actually try,.

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Good day Maam/Sir, I dont remember any Trajik in clan. If you have any issue please bring it to a general. In any case I wouldn't expect any DG or godly in 4 days. Raid gear is not allowed to be sold or hoarded. This is the norm across most servers ya know. As far as clan ranking goes Hearts of Destiny ruled the server. Eventually I guess that's what makes us different some peeps play on forums and on leaderboards, we choose to play in game as a team. From what I understand I feel sorry we didn't get to know each other better and I also feel sorry ur passing judgements in 4 days for what I consider to b a very brief time in CH. Cheers!
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Interesting post. I'd guess if Conc wasn't right for you then you must not have been right for Conc. But hitting the forums to bash Conc seems like the norm nowadays. Sorry it didn't work out for you and your expectations. Rankings schmankings. Agent K, thanks for coming to fanboy & troll the Donn server again :mrgreen: Missed you!

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Gear, gear, gear, gear, gear... no offence but it looks like you just joined Conc for gear.

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Uh oh... since im the "wife" here i have to say that, after 4 years in this games its no wonder that i have godly thingys :) yes I saw you at Bosses (mostly frozen and dl) and you also lixed aloooot! said you wanted to lvl first before Bossing. Also said you dont care to hunt bosses. How are you suppose to earn the gear (jewels) if you dont care? A few months later you post this ? im very sorry you feel this way and i do wish that you would have talked to uz about this i dont consider my self hard to talk to... take care of you and i hope you find a clan that fits you better.

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