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Aeq and Divine glory

I'd appreciate it if you guys would have your members, DUBSTEP and LordGlory specifically, stop making people waste their lix. I record about 90% of my gameplay, and both of them seem to think screwing up someone's lix is the thing to do. That $h!t aint cool! Never is there a good enough excuse for making someone waste a lix. Nothing is so pressing that you have to be that much of a d-bag.
Dub and lordglory, you're both worthless, if I had GM powers I'd make both of your accounts permanent members of Clan Dee Dee Dee.

Hate to air my dirty laundry out like this, bc I don't approve, but this is getting out of hand. It's generally someone in DG doing it, but for a lvl 150+, Dubstep, to come in and claim he is trying to lvl up on lvl 130 mobs? Man give me a break, you're just a d-bag from the word go.

What goes around...comes around.
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Re: Aeq and Divine glory

Nuke there is a lot of hatred on the server, if he is doing that fair enough but Exodus and others have on many occasions, ks or tried to steal kills and vise versa.

No need to post here, ill speak to dub becuase tbh im sick of this... btw hope youre well.
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Re: Aeq and Divine glory

glad to see you're still around bro!

i figured someone spoke to him, which is what prompted me to check here. he found me in fingal's and apologized, but tbh I had no inclination to accept bc it only happened bc he was called out. I only posted here bc after a while, with people just doing stupid stuff, it gets old trying to be the better man. i'll hit him up and clear the air, thanks for taking an interest. hope to see you around man, don't be a stranger.
iOS-Rhiannon Etahfo 98+ Druid
Android-Balor Nukeem Harder 130+ Mage

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