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Don't judge me

Hi my name is Angel and in balor I join this sever like 3 weeks or 4 ago.I was from iOS but it starting to lag and crash alout so I move here because people say there's alout of fun people.My name is ElementsOfMagic.Some people think I'm an alt because of my gear and rare fanshion, so please let me correct you.I buy Plat Because I work and get paid and buy GooglePlay gife card.People may still think I'm an alt because they are @ssh•ole.I don't care if u think I'm a main or an alt So I'm telling u all this because some people won't want to be my friend or kick me out from a clan because my fanshion or armour and because I will spy on then.Im just a normal 17 year old kid with no life that spend money on this game wild he could use it for something for useful in life.Now thanks for realy long stupid paragraph xD and have a nice wounderfull day :p

Re: Don't judge me


Welcome to Balor,

Best to ignore the narcissists on balor :)

Play the game have fun and i will see you ingame.
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