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Im new :D

My in game name is Exyhb. I staarted it yesterday and I'm playing mage (lv 20). Would like to know if there is any Brazilian guild or other guild that could put me in and teach me more about the game

Re: Im new :D

Hey :D Welcome to both Celtic Heroes and to the forums!

Not too sure on a Brazilian guild but everyone is usually very friendly on Balor :)

Hope to see you online!
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Re: Im new :D

XxaaronxX wrote:
Exyhb wrote:And.. hm... If I put cash, in what should I spend it ?

Spend it on chests and then sell dem

dun sell, open, u will get stuff to use for ur toon (sigils, lixs, idols, pots a mount (maybe) etc...)

where if u sell, after u sell, u have to find a sell for all this other stuff luke lix, which takes for ever
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