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Re: Introduce yourself

fr3gryf wrote:
34545434 wrote:Fingal is still the best though

OOOOOOOOO, change this post right now, u made a mistake on the name of the server !!! :D

Nu. Fingal is da best!
Does it count if my toons have a collective level of 200+?
Issartri - Ranger - Fingal - 170 (semi retired)
Issartri - Ranger - Arawn - 70+

Re: Introduce yourself

Hullo, I'm Lapallanch, got a level 20 Druid with the same name here on Balor. I joined a clan called Animalz a little while ago, but I'm not very sure if I'll stay....
World: Balor
(main): Kurdock (Mage Level 25)
(alt): Lapallanch (Druid Level 20)

Re: Introduce yourself

I am Azog from Balor. 136 warrior, Hp 75 druid, Clone 66 Ranger, Lir 55 Mage, and xDragonlordx 45 rogue. I also play on Fingal as Split, 84 warrior.
I've been playing Android since Balor server was released, and I also played Rhiannon on iOS back in 2011 as Clone, the 60 something warrior.
See ya in game!

Azog, Level 138 warrior of Balor.
Hp, Level 75 Druid of Balor

Re: Introduce yourself

Hey I'm a ranger my ign is xXAngeloXx and my actual name is Angelo. Trippy :P Anyways I'm from the IOS world of Danu and have been playing on IOS since 2013. I was still playing there yesterday but my phone broke and the cheapest best phone in the store was an android so here I am. Ill be lvling quickly ;)

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