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Re: Account Problems: Conflict and Password

Crowley2 wrote:Can't log in either conflicted
Character name: bobby2 level 7 DONN

Does not appear to be conflicted, you will be required to contact the Support Team with your account details to have your password reset.

Crowley2 wrote:Same problem account conflicted
Character name: SAM1 donn

De-conflicted. Username updated to "YOURUSERNAME"ios and "YOURUSERNAME"android.
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Re: Account Problems: Conflict and Password

I just got back into celtic heroes afte a year of being inactive, and its giving me the problem "Account Conflicted PW, change required" i think my username on android is interfering with my old username on an account for ios when i played celtic heroes on iphone.
My characters name is "RussianCyclone" shes a level 43 rogue, and is on rhe world Donn.

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