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Staff please help me


I stopped playing a while ago but now I want to play again I just can't remember my username. I know my email and if I knew my username I would be able to play.

I sent an email to the support and no response even though it included all my details like character name, email address, purchase receipts etc.

Why is there no 'forgot username' button where it will send your username to your email then there wouldn't be this problem.

Please just can a staff member tell me my username I will give you the email to the account and proof of all my purchases on google play which is a lot.


Re: Staff please help me

Muldar wrote:You should have received a reply today, please refresh your inbox and check your junk folder.


Thank you man I replied to it. It asked if I had any other character names but I couldnt really remember. Will i still be able to get my account back? I attached the images of purchases to it too

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