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rogue help

i would like some tips on how i should build my rogue as of right now im going a strengh build with my main skills are riposte quick strike and fast reflexes. i have a master crafted amulet of energy. for my rings i have a 3+ and 2+ riposte ring equiped along with some strength rings to up that. my dagger does 30 peircing and 5 cold damage and gives me a skill that increases my strengh by 50 for 30 seconds have i messed up yet or not.

i will post my full gear when i get home

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Re: rogue help

Well I can't help altogether but I suggest keeping your Focus as low as possible and if you're pure strength, keep dex low and strength very high with more points in vit than dex. Don't use Fast Reflexes because not only is it a dex skill, but Riposte only hurts enemies when they hit you. Realistically, you don't have to upgrade gear until level 100, but a Golden Blade would be very helpful but not necessary. Regardless, you should aim to save 300k for a level 100 offhand later on. Buying a Golden Blade definitely wouldn't hurt since they sell back easily for 180k. If survivability concerns you of course choose a trident as it has 45/45 dex and strength and 15/15 tick
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Re: rogue help

2 str, 2 dex, 1 vit. Adjust for more health if dying or focus if having energy issues.

Quick strike, shadow strike, riposte, life steal, and points left over in fast reflexes
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