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Strangling vines rings 5+ (lvl.150 or lower)
Void Grimoire of Health
Focus of Seer lvl.100/150

Selling/Taking offers on:
Green spirit Aeon charm
Spooky Necro Charm
Perceptor Bracelet: 30 hp regen req 90 Attack stat: (Im pretty sure)
Dynamic Perceptor Pendont of Gaze: 60 energy regen, 400 energy shield skill, Focus: 90, Vitality: 40,
Godly stormfist ring: 50 maic dmg, 30 magic and crush resistance
3 Royal Firefang rings: 40 fire dmg 25 cold/slash resist
Dark Grimoire of Health: crush 5, spd 3100, weight 3, 100 hp 125 focus
Dark Trident of Celerity - lvl req 110 - pierce 100, spd 3100, wt 20, 25 stat*, 100 spear

Send me mail or message me at Death Spell (Most active on weekends.)

Here is website to check them out for yourselves :D: https://celticheroesdb.com/search.php

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