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Selling a few items.

White Lugh
Silverweb ring of lighting strike +8, natures touch +8, natures touch +6
Grand dragon ring of nature’s embrace +8
Dark grim of health
Level 200 bow (tower shop)
Level 200 ring of secrets
Level 200 ring of valour x4
Mythic Phoenix glider 100/50/50
Aggy braces lighting strike & Shield of bark
Wylie Ammy of the river level 150
Comraks spritseed charm
Level 200 eldritch grimoire
Hunter set in color pink with pink coven hat
Black coven hat
Green glen set
White sparkling glen wig
200 runic quiver
Focus of the seer
Sage colt 85%
Level 200 brace of valour
All types of likes, books and pots

Message me in game Maybeline
Touchedbyfire Mage Level 220
Touchedbydeath Rogue Level 190
Touchedbynature Druid Level 190
Touchedbysteel Warrior Level 190
Clan Resurgence
World Arawn

Maybeline Ranger Level 204
Dilek Rogue Level 185
SweetheartJR Druid Level 187
World Crom


Re: Selling a few items.

I am interested in the mythic Phoenix glider,
How much are you looking for it?
If it's still available
Try to enjoy and don't forget it's a game so smile and let go
Epona toons:
DoctorHeals (druid)(lvl 222)
DoctorFlames(mage)(lvl 221+)
DoctorPoison(rogue)(lvl 210+)
DoctorShield(warrior)(lvl 210+)
Crom toons:
Madcombo (rogue)(lvl 205+)

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