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Hi, Buying

Buying a 15% Royal Emberdrake Charm Of Fire Bolt or better
Buying Assassins and Magic Lure rings or misc +5 or better

Please PM or mail me in game
Thanks ❤️
⚡️❤️ HUNTERZ ❤️⚡️
InMyOwnWorld Fire Mage lvl 230
OhmyWorld Warrior lvl 220
Mantequilla LV ice Mage LV lvl 220
BiteMe Druid lvl 220
Harley Quinn702 Rogue lvl 201
BadBella Ranger lvl 161
DrDrakeRamoray Druid lvl 148
MadQueen Mage lvl 120
⚡️❤️ CROM ❤️⚡️

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