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Hi Crom!

I’ve just logged in after 5 years! A lot has changed since I’ve been on and so much added :o

All my old clannies seem to be inactive now :(

Everyone seems to be super levelled now since my day!

If anyone could give me a clan to join and point me in the right direction, I’ve seen seed are still around when I played they had the highest player across the whole game, I wonder if that’s still the case :P

I have lots of old rares that used to get a lot of attention back in my day, mounts and what not

I have holiday items that back to 2011 and a few earlier!

Like I say I just want to meet some new people and be pointed the right way, btw the graphics are awesome now!

I mostly play on pinksmage, see you around Crom! :)
Gunk - level 105 Druid (Support)
PinksMage - level 115 Mage (Full Fire)
Pinksarcher - level 101 Ranger

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