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Hey all im looking to get some stuff sold plz pm me here or ig with offers :)

White hunter (possibly)
yellow hunter
pink hunter
green hunter
green lanrik
black smug x3
yellow fg
red fg
greem fg missing hat
turq shangal
black coven hat'
red spec charm
lota tree/necro charms

100% bore
95% flame cape (aeon)
85% regen uni
85% camo staff
75% rarest thunderstorm cloud

golden shrink charm
silver growth charm
a few lux items

World: Crom Clan: Seed Profession: Ice mage

Krummy9552~220+ Rogue
Krumz~220+ Mage
Krums~190 Ranger
Krummy~190 Druid
Krumzor~170 Warrior

¨He who cannot put his thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of dispute¨ ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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