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New scamming tricks . Pay attencion!

Today I got scammed and I havent given item someone for free! So a player ( big scammer but I havent known it) told me he want to borrow my axe. He will pay me 350 k and I will give him axe. So on trade I added axe and he added 350 k but after trade completed I saw he gave me 35 k. Normally if someone change something in trade it is trade cancelled. Then in trade it writes are you sure he changed from 350 000 to 35 000 I checked it and it works o.o . Guys pay attencion!!!!!!!!!! If you got scammed like me pls write. It happend on lir server but it can happen on your server too.

vid : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXYXtfzHazg

Re: New scamming tricks . Pay attencion!

None can scam in that way. If someone change something during the final phase of trade, the trade will be cancelled. You didn't show this in your video.
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