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Looking to buy:

Hi guys, looking for a bunch of things for my toons, starting with my

+10 expose weakness ring (or better)
+10 lifesteal ring (or better)
+10 riposte ring (or better)
+5 quick strike ring (or better)
+5 poison weps ring (or better)
+5 smoke bomb ring (or better)
+5 rend ring (or better)

Spider dex misc +5 (or better)
+8 sharpen weps ring
+8 dbl shot ring
+5 longshot ring (or better)
+5 steady aim ring (or better)
+5 camo ring (or better)
+5 bolas ring (or better)
1 yellow lion
lvl 160 bow (if i can get cheaper now, i will save in future when i need)

Fire jewelry and equipment (lvl 60-90)

lvl 100 offhand (im not sure what name is)
Healing/support jewelry (lvl 100-...150 maybe?)

i think thats it...
Thanks guys, shoot me a message if u have anything, i dont use forums often so reply may be delayed (apologies in advance).
Sorry havnt put any prices on these items because I often stuggle with legitimate values of things, but send me message and we will see what understanding we can come to.

In game name 5harpXrogue if you see me around.

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