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25k per Chest Offer 1500-2000 Chests

I still have many millions to transfer to Epona. Offering 25k in Crom for every Aeon chest that you trade me in Epona. I will accept any trade large or small. You can find me in Crom as Viscious 223 or eVISCerate 228 in Crom or Cyto 147 in Epona. I'm a trusted trader that has already transferred over 20 million in gold so you don't have to worry about anything. In Crom you can speak to Krion2 Afkk xCarnage (Execute in Epona) and I'm forgetting a couple others. They have all completed safe transfers with me in this process. You still have plenty of opportunities to get the gold you need so mail me in game or hmu if I'm on. Thanks! I'll also be on Kik as Tweedl3s. Visc

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