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Selling On Crom

White spider silk set
white wyldwood set
bloodlust white darkrider boots and gloves
white darkrider gloves
white darkrider legs
white pheonix chests
ensorcelled white skull mask
star dust white glenmore crest
white ard boots

Black faewynd set
black sunlit set
glistening black sanghal legs
black sanghal legs
black fg boots
black fg gloves
radiant black wyldwood gloves
black sipder silk legs
black glenmore gloves
black sacred auroral boots
black sacred auroral gloves
frostbreath black auroral gloves
black ardmair boots
black wolf mask
black duskrow guise
3/5 black spidersilk enso set

snowbound purple fg legs
glistening purple sanghal legs
purple ard bracers
purple wyldwood gloves
purple spidersilk legs
purple archfiend guise
purple top hat
purple duskrow guise
purple auroral tunic
purple pheonix crest

skeleton king charn
spectral charm
spirirt charm
jotun charm
flaming skull warrior charm
sparkling necro charm
darkfell pict charm
darkfell flamebringer charm
A bunch of connacht charms
A bunch of tree charms
A bunch of boggan charms
A bunch of faerie charms

yellow lanrik boots and glove
aeon yellow hunter hat
yellow hunter gloves
yellow party hat
orange lanrik boots
red lanrik boots
pink hunter hat
Pumpkin helmet
A bunch of wigs
A bunch of masks
A bunch of other fash
A bunch of crowns

Ancient idols (2000)

9% hp kite
9% energy kite
6% energy kite
3% energy kite
3% hp kite
and more kites

Wyldgrove amulet of the sun ( lvl 100 )
Wyldgrove bracelet of the mountion ( lvl 100 )
+5 +25 focus +30 armour stinging swarm ring ( lvl 140 )
comrak spiritseed ring ( lvl 140 )
Many other low level event lux

90% grand samhain nightflier
5% cloud
85/30 boar
80/10/10 pheonix glider
100+ weps includes aggy trident even weps and instuments and rare birds

None of these are aeon unless i wrote aeon on them
Pm me here on in game
IGN: bank 1

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