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Nuisance Of Crom

So as MANY of you guys know, the return of certain players. These might just make the list for the WORST people on Celtic Heroes. There NEEDS to be something done about them. Whenever they catch some one lixing they kill steal the whole 15 minutes, whenever you try to do daily... they kill you.. if therrs a boss the pull lock just to reset it... Whenever they go in the arena it takes so many people just to make it so that others can do daily. Everyone is sick of having them here. They are a complete nuisance in my eyes, and i hope something is dome about them.
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Re: Nuisance Of Crom

Hi RandomNubOnCrom,

Could you please submit an in-game Support Ticket with the names of the offending characters and our Support Team will investigate further.

Please ignore players like this and ensure that your friends and clan mates do the same. You should block any players that annoy you in chat so as to avoid any further confrontations.

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Re: Nuisance Of Crom

The chat is not the issue muldar. In my few recent visits back to crom i seen some of these "nuisance players" that recently came back. The issue is the ksing and the griefing which is unavoidable and nothing the players can do to stop.
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