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Xfer to Arawn

s selling white and black hunter, gara shrive set, phoenix glidders 95% and 100%, wyld ammy of the sun and trailblazer 190 Str set for chests on Arawn
Touchedbyfire Mage Level 220
Touchedbydeath Rogue Level 190
Touchedbynature Druid Level 190
Touchedbysteel Warrior Level 190
Clan Resurgence
World Arawn

Maybeline Ranger Level 204
Dilek Rogue Level 185
SweetheartJR Druid Level 187
World Crom


Re: Xfer to Arawn

wr3kk wrote:I'll buy all. Idk who you are though. :/

General of Seed - Crom
Druid 216+ & 130 something on Arawn retured in 2013
Rangers 221+ And 190+
Rogues 220+, 210+, 150+, 97+ & 150 on Arawn retired in 2013
Mage 214+
Warrior 218+

Ex member of Badabing, Celts, Uskoci & Serenity on Arawn

Re: Xfer to Arawn

Whats the status on the gara set?
The only things that matter are these; what a man can do, and what a man can't do
-Captain Jack Sparrow
Arawn Clan: Resurgence
MickyDee (Ice Mage lvl 221)
Rerun (lvl 154 rogue)

World: Crom (MickJagger lvl 216)

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