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Buying haste gloves and boots both 100k, hero ammy 150k. Absolutely ridiculous that I have to restart a character. I've been trying to get back my main for more than a month now! But seems like support doesn't unban people who don't buy plat frequently from the way I see it, u ban me and my girlfriend but you only ban her for 5 days because we buy plat from her account and ban me until 2099..... Name is Quickstriker for those who don't know

Re: Ridiculous

That's why you don't break the ToS
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Re: Ridiculous


If the appeal team have decided not to re-enable an account then they should have provided you with the reason as to why this was.
We do not give preference over any player. If players break the rules then their accounts shall be disabled while we look into the issue.
The more information that you can provide to the appeals team, the easier it makes their work. If they have not yet gotten back to you then please politely re-send your appeal and the team shall look into the case as soon as they can.

Please be aware that at times appeals may be slow due to the work load or a complex issue that we may be looking into.

Thank you.
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Re: Ridiculous

Personally, if you're a first time offender (I.e. It's your first ban) then a month is more than sufficient to send a message... But if you've already had your warning ban (not that there is such a thing as a warning ban) then it might be bad luck chap
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