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Re: To all those who reported me....thx

I'm more of a quite player...lone wolf as you may call it. I'm not one of those guys who logs on and everybody says hey look! It's that Shathe guy. The char Shathe has been blamed for some serious stuff. With being banned twice now for no purpose I try to keep myself unknown. It's just the way crom is. If your not in a guild then well... Good luck trying to make a living. I don't blame seed or any other clans. They are doing what the game was designed to be and that I appricate that. by all the things I was blamed for I know for a fact that will never get in a big clan like seed/hunters. I can't spend hundreds of dollars on the game so that's why I was farming. Or atleast when someone wanted to boot me out so they reported me for botting. So this is my story.
shathe: level 100
XxrougexX: level 65
Iceshards: level 61
Shathebank: well.... he's a bank: level 5

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