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this has been on my mind for a very long time, everyone wants to make a clan either to get high on rankings or try to take over seed. Trying to take over seed is a great way to fail with a clan, not that they are bad or mean. Seed worked for what they have and they have the items to prove it. They have a foundation for their clan. If your 1 and only goal is to take over seed, you won't succeed. If you start a clan and invite people who are 100-150 & have not leveled in months, what makes you think they will lvl? you want a great clan then you have to make a foundation, requirements. Just because you are high on rankings does not mean your "good" does that clan have any bosses to show for it? Or just high in rankings because of numbers? Not just anyone can start a clan, has to be someone that people would follow. Take Rebirth for example, We WERE giving seed challenge and it made the game so much fun! Battling for lock, not getting butthurt because they Dident win the lock because there was times when seed Dident win lock. Sadly our leader betrayed us all. Rebirht was very effective for a long time, probably would be able to kill mordy & hrung now! But that's beside the point, you want a good clan here's what you do
1. Find someone that will lead in the right direction
2. No talk of taking over another clan
3. Don't invite people who don't lvl.
4. Don't invite scammers/traded accs.
5. Get your members to level!
6. Enjoy the game and don't get mad when Seed kills a boss they worked for it. You can't ask a clan to not kill something because you want. Then weres they're fun? Just work towards getting your clan members higher lvls, build a family and then go try that boss!
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+2 nice post

Bad title though
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Very well said! In-fact it was so well said it made me cry :cry:

Just to say s8rr if you end-up making a clan I will follow and my buddy's will follow as well.

If you Make the clan name it swarm, entity, WATB (we are the best :lol: ) or nova 8-)
Anyway let me know if you decide to make a clan :D
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xEXPLICITx wrote:There is a clan made by s8rr, problem is we don't just let any one in. Goodluck,

Liez! Got invited twice; kindly turned em down. :P °w°
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