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Hello :) ,
Just collected a few rings lately, and am now selling the following:

Royal ring of Storm touch
Royal ring of hide
Royal ring of energy harvest

Grand ring of strangling vines
Grand ring of rupture
Grand ring of abundance
Grand ring of Shield wall
Grand ring of flame
Grand ring of daggers
Grand ring of bows

Fabled ring of strangling vines
Fabled ring of poison weapons
Fabled ring of rend
Fabled ring of Earth
Fabled luring ring of giants
Greater ring of fire attune
Greater ring of life steal x3
Greater ring of stinging swarm
Greater ring of sharpen weapons
Greater ring of rescue

Lesser ring of rupture
Lesser ring of lifesteal x2
Lesser ring of shadowstrike
Lesser ring of defensive formation
Lesser ring of stinging swarm
Lesser ring of fire attunement
Lesser ring of rupture
Lesser ring of bless

Reverent brace of revitalisation
Lesser riskfull brace of finesse x2
+3 pierce brace
+3 slash brace
+2 pierce brace
Mighty charm of the windstriker
Majestic batfang charm

Thank you,
PM me in game on Erinbella10 if interested :)

Erinbella10, Level 200+ rogue
Full time nub

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