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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Heroskill wrote:
Alphachicken wrote:
Tnert wrote:Im Tnert, Croms biggest a**hole. Dont send me friend reqs or trade reqs and ill enjoy your company that much more. Dont attack or abuse my family or my girlfriend otherwise i usually make your game experience not too fun for awhile. So be careful who you talk to and how ya talk to them otherwise you may find yourself mobless or on the ground in arena :D

Actually second biggest *** I still have an account here remember hahaha
nope your 3rd im still here too ._.

Naaaah, idk about alpha chicken but hero and tnert you guys are both pretty cool... Both nubs, the finest of crom.... But still friends to me :P
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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Heroskill wrote:Such long introductions, much wow. Lets just get straight to the point. :D Im Heroskill and I'm a big nub (As you can see in my sig too). Done, nothing else to add that's all that their is to say about me :P #BiggestNubInCrom #BiggestScumBag Oooooo I forgot to add this but I also played since the beginning of CH :D I also get hate for killing lvl 100 and 50 boss during resets. I also really really really hate lvling..... its soooooooooooo boring.......... And finally i like being in a solo clan cause I hate people that spam or talk to much in clan chat xD (I'm being hypocritical) I spam the shout chat with Frozen songs xD and i love the reaction people give me :D

Since I'm bored Ill do a story about me and since I have nothing better to do .-. #NoLife. Anyways I started way back then in the day when I was a low lvl I made a char (forgot name) and a sometime later I gave up on that char and decided to make Heroskill who is my main today. I met these 2 people named yourmom1 (cool guy sadly he quit) and tnert (giant nub). We lvled for a while together and yourmom1 helped me with my gear and stuff it was a fun experience on CH. The giant faerie boss that was in front of that small tiny castle was always fun to kill those stupid giant snowman next to village and all those other stuff.... this was all 2011 i think I don't remember.... I know i got a Wand of Hallows and broom from Halloween event. .-. I then lvled up and joined Wargods which was Omas and tami's clan (note i am horrible with names) It was really fun in that clan .-. I met scorpy who is my fav nub and my bffl .-. and he helped me get ancient armor and stuff and then ow came .-. and i bought plat and eventually caught up to scorpy .-. Pvp also came out which made me really happy because for the first time ever I was ranked invincible on my warr......... now I'm wimpish .-. Don't judge me :'( Sadly Wargods eventually fell apart and I went clanless wait no i think i joined Dudezzys clan .-. i forget but then after that i remained alone in my own clan which was nice i really enjoy being alone in my own clan with only my alts :P (again no spamming) Eventually I started lvling again and not long after I got joined seed and stuff happened won't go into details cause we don't need to start an argument about something so stupid like that.......................... Anyways now I'm going solo and having fun and getting bullied by Lily with her bow in arena and lowering my hp to like 1 and then leaving me alone so that a low lvl will come and kill me like they always try to do -_-...... The end Biggest nub in crom :D

Honestly WARGODS was and always will be the best clan ive ever been in and will miss it. Hero you should make a new WARGODS clan haha and keep it original and fun! And keep it strictly nubs only!
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How can I act my age?I've never actually been this old before...
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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

aye! GeneralxRogue here AKA BIGGEST NUB IN CROM (Heroskill is a liar) :p
I know im kinda late on that post but..
anyways I started as a ranger in crom back in 2012 and I didn't know unfathomable about the game and the rules.
i didn't know what combos used for and i didn't know how to buy from shop ._.
i remember i wanted to but a hero ammy and i was offering people a 34 hp and energy ammy and 1k.. i thought it was more than enough cos the hero ammy only had 30 more hp and energy.. didn't know about the regens.. but anyways..
i quited for a year or something and then came back as generalxrogue and started to understand more stuff about the game.. i lvled to 140 in the beginning of 2014 and quit the game again cos all of my items were somehow stolen from my acc. only me and my brother had accsses to the acc to idk who the hell stole the items.. but anyways..
i was back after 2 month and i started buying a unfathomable ton of plat.. like 24k.. and it wasn't double plat day :p
i lvled to 160 got another 32k plat in black Friday and that leads me to today :D
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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Well, a lot of old players will know me. My story starts out as a nub. My brother had been playing CH for a while and I decided that it was about time that I got onto it. When I first started out i was clanless. Until around level 30. When my brother - being a long time member if souls ignited - put in a good word and got me in. Just to put this into perspective. This is back when there was no otherworld. Back when the deadroot was in stonevale ( for those who don't know, is now called cop pinger i believe) Fettlecaps were the greatest thing in the world!!! And people like kingpitbul would train on the Druids in stonevale. But anyway, back to clans. Souls was THE GREATEST CLAN GOING AROUND!!!!! There was a great bunch of people and everything was jag family oriented. People like Darkrig and shepherd were all amazing leaders for the clan.

It wasn't long until souls and Crimsonerose decided that they were going to merge. Now I along with many others were not 100% sure in how this was going to work. But to out joy, it was perfect! With new members came new friendships - too many to name but armo kabuto and Zacattack just to name 3 :) . With these new members came new opportunities. Being able to take on all new bosses that came with the much antissipated ow update. and life was great. Until a new clan came about.

Legendary. Lead by nuke girl and kingpitbul. This was no ordinary clan. Only filled by the top players at the time. I along with a few souls leader decided a plan where I would infultrate legendary and find out just what they plan to do etc with all that power. However this did not last long as it soon broke up and I returned to souls. At around Christmas 2012. I stopped playing as my school work needed to be improved.

Now 2 long years later, I come back and there is a souls scandal which has destroyed what I see as the greatest thing ever to have been on crom, and two new clans . Revelation and seed. It's no secret that seed is the top clan having all of the top players in it. But I think that it is great!!! Both clans come to bosses and fight it out for lock. Should seed get lock then revelation stays to help and congratulate the victors one the boss is down and vice versa. And now, I am proud up call myself a member of tevelation. I love the fact that so many of my old souls buddies have joined revelation and even seed. I'm so glad that I picked crom as my world (all be it because the Ping was lowest) but I would just like to thank everyone for making my playing experience so enjoyable over the years.

Shout out to my main man aryus!!!

Please excuse my spelling as it was typed on a phone

I may have left out one small detail about a clan called war gods. Lead by Oma's and tami. This was a great clan and helped my so much as a lower player. Although not quite as good as souls as hero skill may think it was. :$
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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Everyone's stories are great! I actually read everything haha, if only we could keep the stories rolling and coming in that would be much appreciated. :)
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