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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Hey Armo ya damn noob you forgot to mention your old buddy alpha that was always there to make fun of you when your feeling down!!

Anyway I came from a server I hate with a burning passion known as epona, met up with an old friend of mine that visited epona once and a while. When I started a made a lot of friends. Joined puffin around level 50 made a ffew great friends who I still talk to even though I left crom. Left around level 80 and joined seed. Made some of the greatest friends of my ch career in there. Got to 133, bored of all usual drama of that time and left. Cheers miss some hate most
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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

ITS NOT WHO IS UNDER THE MASK.... BUT WHAT I DO THAT DEFINES ME.... #Batman#notBruceWayne#Aalllffrreeedddd

-joker16 :D
Been playing on crom since the lugh mask event 2012 :)
first character was a warrior, got to 88 and was scammed of all my possesions xD sooo i started over made a mage, leveled that and got bored, made a rogue, made a druid, made a ranger, another warrior, and eventually settled back on my rogue lol
lvl 101 mage
lvl 150 rogue
lvl 80 warrior
lvl 100 ranger

Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

For those that dont know me im shadowbolt3. Yes i am that noob rogue :D. I started playing this game about 2 1/2 years ago, i would make characters lvl them to 30 then delete and start over (stupid ik). Then my first serious character came along, was a warrior named shadowbolt2 (original shadowbolt was taken). On this warrior i joined germans and loved that clan, never a full moment. Then i decided to leave germans and join invictus at around lvl 90. I immediately settled in and learned to love invictus :). Then at 108 i decided to abandon my warrior, sell all my lux on him, and take all the gold and make my rogue alt to which i play this day, shadowbolt3. My rogue started out in invictus. I hit lvl 100 in about a week, and decided to make him my main. Eventually invictus started to fall apart, so i left and remained clanless for a while. After this clanless stage i decided to join many clans, and make a few of my own. I decided i liked being clanless best, so i spent quite a while by myself, and then while farming ss i met Nukie. We became really good friends and have been ever since. She helped me out a lot and is one of the reasons my rogue is a high lvl today. Anyways i met Nukie and she helped me out a lot. I kept lvling and lvling and then i applied for seed. I kept doing what i had been doing, and then after several long months i joined seed at around 170. Everything that everybody says about seed is false, like them always ksing and such, its all made up, everyone in it is really great ppl which i have come to be friends with. I am now 175 and still love playing CH!
Shadowbolt3- 224 Rogue
Shadmistress- 188 Mage
Shadowbolt2- 113 Warrior (Retired)
Helaman- 157 Locker Rogue
ShadShot- 89 Ranger
Shadow Bolt- 82 Druid
Raganos- 100 Warrior
World: Crom
Proud member of Seed

Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Hello guys, My name is aho and i started waay back before there was Otherworld. Back where dragon discs used to cost 200k. Back to when the best clan was Legendary. My username back then was Asshol. Why Asshol? I wanted a name that was special and was unique, a name that people whould remember for years to come for being one of a kind. I used to log in and have a blast and trolling people, like this one time i made a username named Owner and back then you were able to change the text color of your shouts. For example you could shout in a purple color or a yellow color not the original red color. I used to write "Everyone please log out for an important Patch" all in white, and all you see is people logging off. It was fun back then. I made it all the way to level 72 and took a long break. Back then level 70 was a vary high level.

After the 9-12 months break i came back to play again. I played for a few weeks and support changed my name to aho. I wont get into details on how and why it was changed. I joined a clan called vahalla. It was the best clan and we ll were like family! We would help each other on anything and everything we needed help with, level together, even joke around together, not like the clans now when you say the cheif is a noob you get kicked.

I thought i found my home clan then a new clan was born, clan nameless. Then everything went down hill from there. Everyone was leaving vahalla to join nameless including me. I'm not saying the clan was bad i just didnt like us splitting up into two clans. Then Namless split for having to many gens and guardians to a new clan named rebirth. I also joined rebirth. Thats when i got the urge to power level from 160-180 in a week or maybe less. I don't know what got into me, but i wish i can get the same urge so i can finally get to 190. I had allot of fights in my Celtic Heroes life with almost every person i have on my friend's list. Every person i fight we end up being friends, don't know why.

But after rebirth split and don't really know why, i joined SI, which is allot like vahalla. I am happy in my Celtic Heroes decisions and i made alot of friends on the way. I hope to continue on the same path to fight with more people so we can be friends in the future :). Im going to stop right here i was not expecting it to be this long.

Hope you enjoined Crom :)
Aho (Warrior) - Crom -Level 191
KingKill (Rogue) - Crom - Level 75
N0Name (Ranger) - Crom -Level 61

Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

hey *** I'm so bored right now so yes I started the game in update 2 as a ranger iAndy
my first friends were jadewulfe and sunnyjim they were like the best bffs ever but now sunnyjim hates me because I didn't show pic of my face rip xoxo
so I got to lvl 60 w that ranger and me and sunnyjim decided to make a rogue, croquette was born hell yes
I was always very lazy to level but I loved camping falgren when my rogue hit around level 80-83, these update 2 times were very fun to me
then update 3 came and I had basically a update 2 full set of lux (heroic ammy boots gloves camo charm and golden bodkin) but i went on an alt with it and struggled to get a lux transfer back to my rogue so i picked some noob who ended up being a scammer that's how I lost all my unfathomable
i was lending the camo charm to my friend so he gave it back to me and I could sell it for 1m to nuke (high price back then but I regret now) so I wasn't totally poor
then I levelled the rogue to like 110 and traded it for a druid called DRUIDDS about same level and both got banned because I was idiot and posted it in forums, but then unbanned
made mage called newton which is now 135
BUT then I met most beautiful girl in the world and the game got boring so we kind of quit and only log on rarely now but I talk to her all day xoxoxoxoxx best thing ever #lovemylife

SORRY FOR GRAMMAR I DID 0 EFFORT oh and also I sing a lot in shout too and half of crom blocked me for this pfft they don't know what they're missing my voice is like perfect of perfect I'm the future lorde

by the way it was secret but I'm a girl xoxox call me elisa thxx ps I'm not hot pss I'm lesbian thx
I'm elisa thx stop calling me newt thxxx

unblock me plz you won't regret my voice rocks I rehearsed a lot during summer

#love wolf
#love chickens
#love my life
#love her the mosttt ######


Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

hi im xLilyx im 10 an i dont remeber when i started on crom but i enjoyin everyone here. i dont honestly know wat to talk about but anywho hi i love crom jus been takin a brake from ch due to some rl stress an if there is somone who needs help ingame ill try my best to help em
ty for readin an take care:)

Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!


my in game name is ChopstikNinja

my class is a mage

my current level is 203

I play in a clan called seed

I like to give things away and help newer players especially if asked nicely

once every 6 months i go on a rampage in the arena which is a PVP zone

i like to do cooking in real life and solve puzzles and riddles and say one to the clan every friday night and the winner gets a prize

I don't really get into clan V clan politics and am friends with most on the server

im nice so feel free to say hello or ask nicely if you want something killed or advice on mage

ChopstikNinja - Regretfully Retired from Celtic Heroes
Highest rank:Top 10 or so across all servers September?? 2014
Dollars Spent: $210?? Give or take $20
World: Crom
Class: Mage
Level: 206+
Senior Publicist, The Dal Riata Enquirer

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