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Re: New to server

lego i found him is he:

Lvl (1)50ish
Named Nueee
Has Lux
Is Nub
Best walker? Any of this sound like him ( i take cash or check)

Rranger52 200+

Re: New to server

Nueee is a nue-b.... Get ur butt back to arawn... I just came back and u better not leave me. No homo but for real. Also if u dont come back ill probably quit again, so come to arawn so i can return stuff im borrowing. Take care tho(:
Server: Arawn
Been playing since October, 2011
Silvos- lvl 129 Ranger
Sirus- lvl 88 Rogue
Otm sucks... Its pay to win type of game... Money goddesses!!

Re: New to server

Legolas15 wrote:Attention. I'm offering gold reward for a runaway ranger named nue from arawn. Nuke has kidnapped him and I want my buddy bak

Ha! I found him yesterday how do I collect my reward?
General of Seed - Crom
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Rangers 221+ And 190+
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Ex member of Badabing, Celts, Uskoci & Serenity on Arawn

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