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Clan Hunterz now open on Crom

Hunterz now open on Crom

If your looking to escape real life stress.
Want to chat with fellow and future friends while doing your daily’s, and bounties.

If your active in another server
Planing on stopping by and saying hi from time to time, you are welcome to put a toon in Hunterz.

No clan bank- Hunterz will not be focused on bossing.
if something happens to be killed, drops are to be rolled for directly after kill.

Looking to build a fun Family friendly environment
No harassment of any player will be tolerated.

In game mail to InMyOwnWorld mage lvl230

Looking forward to enjoying Crom with you all
Thanks for your time
⚡️❤️ HUNTERZ ❤️⚡️
InMyOwnWorld Fire Mage lvl 230
OhmyWorld Warrior lvl 220
Mantequilla LV ice Mage LV lvl 220
BiteMe Druid lvl 220
Harley Quinn702 Rogue lvl 201
BadBella Ranger lvl 161
DrDrakeRamoray Druid lvl 148
MadQueen Mage lvl 120
⚡️❤️ CROM ❤️⚡️

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