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Selling over 700 items!!!!!!!!

Here is a list of what I am selling, for the rings and skills ask about what u want and I'll search for it!
Can find me via
FB :MadCombo crom
In game pm or mail
Or pm me here on forums or post a reply!

Selling :

Jewelry :
Runic ammy of valour.
Greater silverweb ice shard ring.
Mystic silverweb ice shard ring.
Bunch of sunfire rings(hp and energy).
Skill rings (greater-royal).
Skill rings(mighty-royal).
Hearthstone ring X2.
Snowflake ring X2.
Dmg braces (minor-greater).
Mighty halo of stockade(armour ring).
Lesser scoundrels misc.
Mystic agrestal carcanet(druid ammy).
Aggy brace of gaint swing.
Grand archers ring of the Mesa.
Lesser batseye charm.
Major wyrmtail bracelet.
Hawn's shield bark ammy.
Mystic silverweb ring of lightning strike.
Mystic riftskull brace of guile(dex/focus).
Greater riftskull brace of finesse(str/dex).
Mystic round of the fortess(armour ring).
Minor ice attune brace.
Srak's fire ability brace.
Hawn's gaint swing ammy.
Superior storm fist ring.
Hawn's ice ability brace.
Minor silverweb ls ring.
Majestic batfang charm.
Lesser frostiron brace of gale.
Minor frostiron ring of e-shield X2.
Grand fire fang ring.
Common sunfire charm of frost.
Paradi's lure of fire /incinerate ring.
Mystic frostiron cloak of fire ring.
Paradi's shield bark ammy.
Mystic hellfire misc.
Mystic hellfire ammy.
Minor dragon ring of e-shield.
Dark grim of flames.
Various types of Offhand torches.
Frosty candy cane X2.
Icy candy cane X2.
Orange candy cane.
Various types of Faerie weapons.
Sage's shillelagh X5.
Various types of onyx weapons.
Majestic battleskewer.
Master staff of the Grove X2.
Master underseer's staff.
Obsidian axe/dagger.
Minor reaper.
Ancient boar totem.
Breezy flute/lute of awakening.
Bright bagpipes of awakening.
Radiant drum.
Various types of bear helms(minor-lesser)
Frostgloves of wild power.
Frostgloves of martial power.
Frosthelm of martial mastery.
Greater silverweb helm of the firespinner.
Red gloves.
Yellow boot.
Orange hat X2.
Turquoise pants.
Bronze mark of nodens.
Red garlands X4.
Red wayferer hat X3.
Red phrygian cap X2.
Red archers hat
Red trappers hat.
Red huntsman Mas X2.
Red eagle crest.
Red sage's mask of joy.
Red nature mask.
Flawless red charm of the treasury.
Red coven hat.
Red pirate set(no skullcap).
Pink garlands X27.
Pink smuggler set.
Pink archer hat.
Pink sage's mask of rage.
Pink top hat.
Pink nature mask.
Pink wayfarer hat.
Orange garlands X20.
Orange nature mask.
Orange wayferer hat.
Yellow garlands X8.
Yellow archers hat.
Yellow nature mask.
Green garlands X8.
Green nature mask.
Green glenmor (pants/gloves/crest).
Green smuggler gloves/boots.
Turquoise garlands X3.
Turquoise faewynd hat.
Blue garland.
Blue cosmic wizard charm.
Blue imp armored imp charm.
Purple smuggler boots X2.
Black top hat.
Various colors of yule diadems of ice.
Brown smuggler coat X2.
Various types of skills.
40 super energy potions.
Smokey birthday cake X2.
Scroll of rooting X2.
2014 balms (pyre/acid/rime) X3 each.
2013 balloons(blue/red/yellow) X4 each.
Yellow frozen crests set.
Yellow eggs X3.
Yellow gems X5.
Yellow idols X2.
Purple idol.
Various kinds of pages.
Red book bindings X37.
Red book covers X28.
Blue book bindings X8.
Blue book covers X3.
Black rems (2 rock / earth).
Yellow rems(metal/space/earth).
Red rems(stars/earth).
Green rems(meta/2 earth).
Blue rem of metal.
Basalt Tabs (2 fire/earth).
Slate Tabs (fire/2 water).
Granite tablet of fire.
Sea charts X3.
Variety of Morrigan pages.
Halloween Spider silk X206.
Winter heart crystals X31.
Ostra Snakeskin X16.
Ostra Serpent skin.
Collection of Halloween bones.
Colorful collection of Halloween powders.
Few Halloween pumpkins.
Halloween tears of dread X5.
Frost of blossoms X3.
Frost flowers X3.
Flame marigolds X14.
Periwinkle knapweeds X8.
Ancient tomes of wisdom X7.
2014 red yule presents X12.
2013 yule presents X9.
Vraiaty of shards from old Armour quest.
Carnfire cracker.
2013 snow Armour quest items:
Yellow (bear teeth X2/golem crystals X2/scale).
Blue (bear teeth X2/golem crystal/4 scales).
Purple frostclaw scale.
Try to enjoy and don't forget it's a game so smile and let go

Epona toons:
DoctorHeals (druid)(lvl 222)
DoctorFlames(mage)(lvl 220+)
DoctorPoison(rogue)(lvl 210+)
DoctorShield(warrior)(lvl 200+)
Crom toon :
Madcombo (rogue)(lvl 205+)

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