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So Im not sure if the question has been asked but I know its something thats going around. Are we going to be able to transfer characters and items from ios to android in the near future? I have no access at all to my ios celtic heroes account... I dont want to restart my character paying another amount of plat. I just feel that all the money I have spent on my ios account has all gone to waste. I know the transfer cannot be done at this moment. So if anyone has information that could help me, please post.

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We are aiming to have access to the iOS servers on Android devices and vica versa.

This functionality will not be put in place until after all zones have been completed and added to the Unity Engine build of the game.
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UMADBROO wrote:There is a magical search bar, use it.

Ahh but the search bar turned out not to be what you say it is. It wasnt even close to magical, thats why Im renaming it the "complicated search bar." A little positivity from your reply would be great, that way it doesnt make you seem like a total jerk.

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