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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest


The lucky Imp has long been rumoured to have come from darkest corners of Alchemical Quarters. Those who claim to have witnessed it, have never come close enough to tame the rare creature. Those who are able to tame the rare imp and earn its trust are granted the unique skill "Jackpot".

Lucky Imp - Base Stats
Slot: Companion
Gives Skill: "Jackpot"
Infinite Uses
0.25% Gold
Treasure Hunter: 500

Description of skill: The imp swings his sack of gold for a devastating blow causing its target to drop gold. (Gold looted will depend on level of the imp as well as this skill being limited to either 1 attack per mob or a longer cooldown)

Appearance: Similar to the imps found in Alchemical Quarters holding sack of gold over it's shoulder.
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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

Apophis81 Rtf wrote:
bob the mage wrote:
Apophis81 Rtf wrote:Also if you feed your cat for three hours then it adds a 2% chance to kill you every ten minutes and increases .5% more. though putting your cat in tha bag *lol* cancels the effect, but dont put your cat in the bank that cat abuse. THANKS BOB

I think it should be if you don't feed it :lol: ;)

Imagine if our dragons burned us to death if we didn't feed them for long durations...

and anytime :D

and I have a cat back home... He only bothers to be nice to me if I'm the only one home and in charge of feeding him :lol: otherwise he doesn't like me at all...

Forgot to add dont if you forget to feed them, xD. id like to say same but my cats love partly due to that i feed them but im a 100% sure that nothing to do with it. Id welcome the owner roasting with the dragon, id just sit in the castle all day waiting for some one to be burnt into a crisp

My cats mainly love me just for petting them. Lol. If they were outdoor cats and used to constantly being outside I’m sure they’d be perfectly content chasing down prey—even though one of them screams when you don’t feed him... but that’s not the point. :shock:

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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

A Snake pet
Skill-aoe damage 3000poison damage to a small aoe, but hurts the user for like 500-1000 damage(basically double edge sword ish)
Stat-50-100 poison dmage and some resist
Also give the snake like a small horn (looks cool)
Highest lvl snake should have a bit of a shiny horn :))

Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

Bat :
180 Str
180 Dex
800 Health
800 Energy
Resistance of Heat/Magic/Cold by 120.

Description : This Giant Bat works hard to aid it's owner, granting the bonuses and the skill "Wing Slash" or "Dark Fang" which does Pierce Damage and Stuns/Paralyze to the selected enemy for 3-5 Seconds - as long as it is fed. (Pet effect is evaded alot by boss and last for 1 sec if hits)

Picture :

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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

I thought flying whale with angel wings would be awesome. I searched on internet and found it.

i thought similar like this, just without horns.

Magic pet what stun enemies with shouting or water and reducing their attack.

Stats: focus + energy + element resist
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