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Re: New Year, New You Competition!

Name: Healattack
World: Morrigan

Resolution: I have come to realise that crookback hollow seems to be rather... "hollow". Obviously king Grotspew's leadership has waned over the years and it's time for someone new from his current ranks to step into the position. This is where I come in. I vow to convert crookback hollow from a decrepit, rat ridden tunnel system into the finest cave ever seen in Dal Rita! Foreigners from the many nations across the formidable seas will make the perilous journey across just to lay eyes on the great and marvellous crookback dense!!! I swear this upon all that is good and evil...upon my very life for god's sake! Trust me on this my fellow companions, Crom may be rising in power but not even he will be able to resist the temptation of what I am building...

Long live the eternal Healattack, bringer of awe, filler of hollows and over-exaggerater of stories!


Re: New Year, New You Competition!

Name: lightchamp
World: Herne
New year resolution for ch: max out fishing and cooking and maybe even crafting if it is released this year :o

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Re: New Year, New You Competition!

World - Taranis

My New Years resolution is to recruit 4 of my irl friends to play Celtic Heroes on world Taranis. I want to coach them and help them in any way I can so they may enjoy this game as much as I do. I love you Celtic Heroes!!!!

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World - Taranis

Re: New Year, New You Competition!

WORLD: epona
RESOLUTION: I am aiming for better, smarter and stronger to reach the top. Become the hero that people need and achieve triumph hence no reward without work, no victory without effort, no battle won without risk.
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Re: New Year, New You Competition!

Name: Thoids
World: Rhiannon

New Years Resolutions: Get a lvl 6 dragon, make new friends, and place in more competitions.
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Re: New Year, New You Competition!

Name: arkhamasylum
Server: Taranis

My resolution is to finally get to 220 and get that Gelebron kill with my clan! Also wanna get some mates in rl playing this game. Hope they have as much fun as im having. Great game! Amazing staff, keep up the good work!

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Name: arkhamasylum 220 Rogue

World: Taranis

Clan: Revival

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