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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

The Forgotten Forest

A man driven insane claims he has been at sea for years. He has come from a land across the sea ravaged by darkness that has been in a war for decades. The Druids of Gror have been battling a branch of the cult of dul cacht, and are dissipating, their numbers slowly dropping. They need your help to fight huge creatures of tremendous power, some less powerful who can be beaten by one person alone, and some you will need to group up with other heroes to fight. The power comes from a creature called The Destroyer, a human like creature with giant wings and fangs that can bite through steel. He has many minions across the lands, some never seen before and some met in the other world that have come through a new portal, opened by The Destroyer himself. You must sail across the sea to find these lands, and help the Druids before it's too late. Will you be brave enough to challenge these fierce enemies?


Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Isle of treasures,
an empty island, traveled by taking a boat in lir's reach baring nothing but a single tree and an NPC called "Global Wide Thief". It costs 20,000 to unlock the island.

His only dialogue when talking to him is, "This the only place I feel safe enough distance away from those Alpha Snarls".
Detailed map
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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

This competition made me so excited so as a writer I kind of went all out with crazy ideas. But the one that stuck with me is my idea of the Rath Parras and the Celestial Heaven. Although I am a bit more of a story teller than one to think up of enemy mobs, bosses, and what drops and stuff. Anyhow, let's get into the story:)

Back Story:
The end has come. The gates of Rath Parras have opened, allowing access to the celestial heavens the gods came from, and allowing Crom to be freed.
They were prophesied ones, heroes worshipped throughout Del Riata, and no one expected such a group of heroic figures to be the mortals who challenged and transcended the very gods they once worshipped. (Gods of the lands)
After sacrificing the statues of the gods to harvest the power of the worship and offerings, the gates to Rath Parras were forced open by the joined forces of a warrior, Druid, mage, rogue and ranger. The acts of the five heroes angered all the gods above, most of all King Nuada himself. The five heroes acted against the advice of the remaining wardens, all the clans of Del Riata, and even the imposing manifests of the gods themselves. The world believed the five heroes to have fallen to Crom's influence, like Gelebron himself, and but they finally aquired the power to unleash the cruel god.
When the gates of Rath Parras opened, black stone forces swarmed past the five heroes to finally meet Crom, but after having his power drained from him for eons, he harvested the lives and power of his followers to replenish his own strength, turning his devout followers into Dark Voids and Spirit Shells.
The five heroes remained at the gateway, hands joined, unearthly power radiating from their very beings. The act of unity under their newfound powers reinforced the magical barrier that had kept Crom sealed away. Their actions one again shocked Del Riata, as Crom remained imprisoned with most of his followers eradicated, and the five heroes now had free access to roam in and out of Rath Parras to their will. With the twist in events, the gods remain furious at the five heroes, but the heroes have newfound access to the fortress and it's pathway to the Celestial Heavens to gain more Godly powers in order to challenge Crom.

Current Quest Main Idea
Upon entering Rath Parras, you will be walking into a long throne room haunted by the drained souls of the former Blackstone Cabal. A weakened version of Crom will stand at the base of the throne. The main objective is to defeat the weakened version of Crom to drive his darkness out oft the main level of the fortress and banish him to an underground dungeon that will become the Instance or Boss Spawn room.
After the defeat of the Weakened Crom, you will be able to access the stairway to the upper level and the high tower. You will need to seek out old godly leftover artifacts to open the portal to the Celestial heavens. The artifacts are littered around the interior of the fortress to pick up from the ground , appear in random spots, and they have different tiers of artifacts that may show up. You need Godly tier to open the portal, any tier below can be sold to the shop.
Once you enter the Celestial heavens, you must defeat enemy mobs such as Young Stars, Echoes of [Insert God], Bodies of Light, to synth your own armor; or you can defeat stronger enemies (****~****** bosses) for Holy Drops to synth into a higher version of Enchanted Dragonlord.
(Note, there will be no NPCs so the armor quests will be found at a Holy Forge that you synth your armor at, and the portal quest will be taken from the sealed portal.)
Upon completing the basic armor set (sans weapon and offhand), you can enter the Dungeon of Crom without taking massive damage over time.

Area description
The initial entrance to Rath Parras will be nearly completely dark, but as you step further in it will get more visible, kind of like your eyes adjusting in real life. The main Throne room is rectangular in shape, with spiral staircases leading to a blocked upper level until The Weakened Crom is banished to a dungeon.
The second level of Rath Parras has a lot of rooms littered with items you may pick up but not always artifacts for the portal quest. The hallway overlooks the throne room, but the railing is broken in areas so if you get too close to the edge, you may fall off. It will be harder to gauge how close you are to the edge because the natural setting of the area is much darker, like a poorly lit version of Dustwither.
On the second level, directly above the throne, is a stairway that leads to the highest tower, and in the tower is the portal to the heavens. The heavens is a very massive and well lit area, with floating light orbs roaming around, pink and white explosions of stardust, a glittering dark blue sky above and the ground beneath you is part cloud and part stardust. The heavens is the place the gods came from, and it's where young stars and other celestial bodies are borne. It's important to note that the randomly floating light orbs and the little stardust explosions around you will damage you with divine damage if you make contact, and there will be occasional tufts of small clouds that will grant a movement speed if you run through it. Staying in this beautifully pink and glittery area for too long will also cause a massive damage over time to tick in upon reaching 15 minutes, but having an Exalted Aura will lessen the damage taken over time.

The Dungeon of Crom
On the base floor of the fortress will have a hidden gate behind the throne, and it will lead down to the dungeon Crom is newly banished to. The area is nearly pitch black with a status effect of Chaos, a damage over time and a risk of accidentally attacking another player close to you if you remain idle or fighting too long. There will be dark voids floating around the Dungeon and it will damage a player upon impact. Having the Holy Armor Set (the higher version of Exalted), will only block the damage over time, while having the Holy weapon and offhand will block the risk of killing an ally.

Basic Map Idea
I'm bad at drawing, and I picture the fortress itself to be shaped like old farcrag castle but with two levels, and The Dungeon of Crom to be a set of stairs leading down to a large, dark open area.
The heavens is more wide open area with a couple leystones throughout the entire map. At the center of the area there will be a huge, radiant mandala on the ground and in the center of the mandala is where Nuada would spawn. The setting of the Celestial Heavens would differ based on where in the map you are located; If you are on the northern side, there will be glittering ice crystals mixed with the existing setting previously described. In the south and west the color tone would slightly dim with vibrant flashes of orange and purple in the horizon to symbolize sunset. The eastern map would be more green with illusions of plant life.

More Information (this part is a wee messy I apologize in advance)

Main Fortress.
Mobs: *~**** Dark Voids, Spirit Shells
Drops: artifacts, treasure, boosters, and jewelry may be looted from the ground randomly.
Gear: N/A
Bosses: Weakened Crom (******) drops weapon that deals Chaos Damage.

Celestial Heaven.
*~*** Young Stars, Bodies of Light, etc. drops armor items.
**** Echoes of [Insert God i.e. Lir] (these are shadows of the gods past) drops Holy Armor Items
***** Young [Insert God i.e. Danu] (these are gods before they were fully powerful to the extent they are now] drops Holy Armor Items
****** [God i.e. Daghda] (the God themself) Drops Holy Armor Items
Raid boss: ****** King of Gods, Nuada. Drops jewelry, offhands, mounts.

The Dungeon of Crom
Mobs: I don't know if I want to add mobs in here because Crom will be hard as fu--dgesickles to kill.
Raid Boss: ******* Crom. (I know it's 7 stars but the main big bad should be harder to kill than just any raid you know?) drops jewelry, armor, weapons, offhands... etc

Bonus: about Crom, I wanted to make the big bad for our first 240+ levels really unique. He will be fighting the heroes in a very dark room with DoT, the danger of the players killing an ally, and he will have skillss that AoE freeze/stun, bleed, inflict the effect of insanity (player cannot target him and damage is inflicted on himself or to nearby heroes) and Crom can teleport himself or near by players to a different part of the room. I wanted to make him truly unique. He sounds too hard and like a fantasy to kill or to even exist, but hey, it's just my idea. ;)

Possible Expansion on Idea
I had a LOT more ideas for this, mainly about story to continue on from this point in the game. If I could, I would write about how the Occulus created a rip in time causing a portal to be opened in the more techno advanced time, where technology overruns the world and even humans have evolved to be part machine... not close to what the game currently is, nor will it ever be, but I'm just a writer with my thoughts running wild.

I hope this was worth the read.

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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

A list of terms to better understand my areas storyline.
Doch- way to counter a negative statement
Cul- and end or pouch (limited in size)
Gul- hexagonal rose-like
Crom cruach- sun god of slaughter depicted surrounded by 12 idols
Mairbh Scath- raid boss wall of flesh
Forseti- Norse god of Justice
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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Crom has made an attempt to escape his eternal prison of Rath Parras the gods must now focus their powers on fixing the damage dealt to the fortress's seal. Lir's power which had long kept the ocean tides high and the seas bountiful in Lir's reach has weakened. Once hidden by Lir with the waters now receded the land passage way connecting the Northern peninsula to the ancient Celtic Viking Battleground to the Northeast is now accessible.

The land had once been a peaceful land in which both Celtic and Norse gods would converse as such both Viking and Celt alike worshipped it as a holy land that had once accepted both gods.

200 years past and these views changed and warped what was once sacred ground had become a bloodstained wasteland over who's gods the land belonged to. The gods (Crom and in an attempt to stop this bloodshed combined their powers to hold time in a repeating stasis. Another 150 years pass and Croms seal has weakened so has the powers that had held the land separated from our world.

As the adventurer enters the land the find it distorted between present time and the time of the war, complete removed from the history books, no one knows what happened here and only a few remember it was a meeting place of the gods. The shoreline mostly in present time excluding the near dead body of a Celtic warrior adorned in an ancient powerful warden armor blessed by Crom himself who had once been the main dirty of worship in this land of gods; allowing the armour to achieve a level of power far surpassing that of even the Legendary Doch Gul armor of Myth which over hundreds of years has lost much of its power. The warrior tells you of his armor the Doch cul Armor set.

He will speak of how the twin armor sets were originally created with an equal amount of power and how the Doch Gul set was imperfect using the hexagonal design the power it was imparted with could not hold for long deteriorating (gele tower wardens put massive power into Doch Gul set damaging it massively leaving it with little to no defensive capabilities) the armor itself and letting its power deep out. The Doch Cul armor using its continuous design made the armor capable of holding an infinite amount of power for an immeasurable amount of time thus allowing the armor to be continuously imbued with more divine power without dmg (would only make the armor stronger).

Raid boss for area spawns near middle right side of battlefield:
Name: Mairbh Scath (literally corpse shadow)
Creature type: Wall of flesh
High: magic(heals), fire, ice, chaos, poison(heals)
Weak: Physical Damage
Skills: Passive: Assimilation- Mairbh will heal for players current max health anytime players die within certain range of Mairbh.

Chaos aura- 30 min rage.

Active Skills: White Call- Mairbh calls the white lady to instantly kill the currently aggroed player. (Mairbh passive effects apply)

Tear- A part of Mairbh rips off and becomes 2 aggressive homunculi.

When Mairbh is dead (raid gear falls ofc)

And the White Lady (npc) will give any players that were in the map at the time of mairbh' death a random gear improving drop)

Doch Cul Armor- will start at about same str as basic Dl armour (powered up by items from white lady with 21 gear qualities minor-godly and minor-godly awakened and ascended breakthrough item required)
-Set bonus starts at warden armour level at minimum but 3 fold exceeded exalted aura at 21

Map design/

Entering the map would be a sandy land bridge similar to that of heroes landing / Lirs Reach path leading up to a sandy beach; with mostly buried warship(heavily damaged) on the far right with the warden half dead on the beach just to the left of the ship with a bloody trail up to him (full set Doch Cul armour from a short quest line where your character explains to him what you were told happened by Statue of Lir). As the player advances further into the map the current time based areas would be barren of vegetation meanwhile the past area would be filled with lush grass trees and flowers (occasional one trampled or bloody). The land gets more and more distorted, bloody and ridden with corpses and homunculi
and warriors (Celtic and Viking- some aggressive) the closer player gets to middle. Top half of map is frozen with similar effect as bottom as you near the middle. Map would be similarly shaped to Norway (kinda like how lirs+ shale are the highlands).

Additional Bosses: Cerberus, Mester stoor worm, Wirry-cow (demonic spirit), shellycoat (sludge monster), Oillipheist (mordy size dragon)

Additional Monsters: trapped/distorted souls and Wulver

Extra information

In this lore Crom and Forseti were the gods trying to stop the battle but since they could not physically interact with the world they instead isolated the battle in a single point in time in which they would wait for someone to save their people while conducting the spell Crom lost a part of his being in the time rift losing all sanity and going from a kind sun god to the god of slaughter which is currently trapped in the fortress of Rath Parras. After losing his sanity Crom then killed his close friend among the Norse gods Forseti. After this happened Lir raised the sea levels sealing off this battlefield from the world of men, and the rest of the gods sealed Crom away.
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The Korjin Sea

Lift the anchors and hoist your sails, for the Korjin depths call your name. You may have bested many mystical creatures on land, but no one has ever dared to step off of Lir's landscapes and into the endless abyss below.

Before it was a lush and thriving kingdom of Korjin sea life, the fish were as equally beautiful as they were tasty. Most trade routes were filled with valuables, luxuries, goodies, fashions, and even some of the greatest foods known to man. But as man grew hungrier for what riches the next ship would barter, so did the sea; One by one ships went missing, trades slowed, and marketing over seas stopped, corrupted pirates and mysterious creatures of the deep were to blame, bounties, and trappers were sent out. Mankind did everything they could to take their waters back, many people kept their belongings out of sight for fear of thievery, other people were executed for suspicion of pirating any goods the ships could have possessed. While the Korjin seas had mysteriously blackened, the fish lost all flavor but bitterness and smelled like the mold on the abandoned docks. All of mankind prayed for the seas to be cured and for the powerful sourness that looms over the lands to be extinguished by the sweet and fruity smell of plant life. Barinthus The god of the sea attempted to cure the waters, but the ocean would not obey his commands, the stench and curiosity had been unbearable Lir's Reach fears all is lost.

What you fish up on shore is nothing compared to the evolution of creatures that lie below the restless waves of Korjin, for years no one has ever set sale off shore, in fear of no return, in fear of what creatures lurk beneath their flimsy but buoyant safe haven. As word has spread about the corrupted Sea, rumors about sightings of some of these beasts filled the streets, Lir calls them the Lorccán. Only now, you hero must save us from these cursed waters, without the waters our war with evil is all but lost, travel the waters on your very own ship and claim back the waves. But we fear the waves are infested with the merciless 'things' and even defeating them won't stop the curse. Fish what you can from the waves before the waters turn sour, scavenge any long lost ships that still float; But if you wish to journey deeper only items blessed by the gods can keep your lungs full of air and survive the depths much like the fish that have lived here for generations, find and appease Barinthus for only he knows all the secrets of the abyss. Tell him that you well end this corruption once and for all, for it may be our last hope in getting a grasp of this underwater war. Only Barinthus can bless those who he trusts to travel the depths without begging for air and know the secrets of the land below. Venture the sea to find one of many Korjin mouths, sink to the depths of our reefs, Find the lost Kingdom of Mortovaara, slay what beasts lie there. Venture into the ship wrecked sea beds in hopes of useful loot, trade with whatever sea life or survivors in hopes to turn the tides. Tame the legendary Seahorse, Crab, or other aquatic mounts and strike into the heart of many unknown bosses that aid the demons the Korjin sea possesses. scavenge the sea bed for magical scales, fish teeth, fins, and many other items to craft marine armor and weaponry. Complete unthinkable quests, fish the ocean depths to become the true master of the fishing rod, and solve the mystery of the corruption

Succeed and bathe in the long lost treasures of the deep, open the waters to Mankind once again, let our travelers discover distant islands and be praised the savoir of Lir; Or fail, the plankton and algae will feast and thrive in your rotting corpse as Lir struggles to fend off the evils from land and sea.

Either way, I hope you're not sea sick.

Level Requirement: 150 - 250 (The deeper you go the harder the enemies)

Places: Lir's Sea | Korjin Shallows | The Deep | Achnasheen Mother-ship | Ship Grave yard | Lorccán Stronghold | Mortovaara Castle | Korjin Caves | Sea Bed | Korjin Fortress |

Creatures: (weakest-strongest) Lorccán Crustation | Lorccán Crab | Lorccán Sheller | Lorccán Water-drake | Lorccán Hull Smasher | Lorccán Treasure Keeper | Lorccán Wreck Dweller | Lorccán Scavenger | Lorccán Sail Fin | Lorccán Serpent | Lorccán Hammer | Lorccán Summoner| Lorccán Whirl | Lorccán Wraith | Lorccán Vault Guarder | Lorccán Mutation | Lorccán Ocean Dweller| Servant of Korjin | Korjin Portal Opener | Korjin Portal Guard | Korjin Seeker |

Bosses: (weakest-strongest) King Crab | Scale Sharder | Orcan the Shell Dweller| Lorccán Treasure Master | Scrale Hammer Head | Octore the Ship Smasher | Pirate Lord | Lorccán Portal | Korjin Crab | Korjin Hurricane Summoner | Korjin Iron Scale | Luzarre Korjin Sea Curse Bringer | Korjin Sea Emperor | Korjin | The Curse |

Server: Epona
Name: Azil
Class: Mage
Level: 33

(Edit) Editted my rank to 33, (I levelled up)

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Re: Hy'Brasiel

Kril wrote:The lost island of Hy'Thuinl

An isle as shrouded in mists as mystery, has appeared in the western seas. According to spirit whispers, this isle appears only once every seven years, and so it appears around the seven-year anniversary of Celtic Heroes.

Legend speaks of a lost island once occupied by a highly advanced civilization; a land rich of unspeakable treasures, magical beings, and wondrous structures.

According to the whispers, this once peaceful land has been overrun by evil spirits. The castle of the Great Magician now stands in ruin, and echoes of lost souls can be heard form its vestiges. The voices murmur of a great evil.
What has become of the inhabitants and treasures of this mysterious isle? And by what power has it been hidden for so long? What secrets await discovery?

Wanted to add that one unique aspect of this new zone is that there is a special fishing boss. A white whale.

A tease of the mechanics of how this could work can be found here:
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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Muldar wrote:


For a chance to win exclusive competition only fashion we want to hear your zone pitch ideas!
Write a small pitch describing your epic fantasy zone, friendly villages or cities found there and of course the mobs and bosses that roam the land.
Take inspiration from the world of Celtic Heroes and the lore contained within the lands to craft your zone.
Bonus points for sketches or concept art!


Ruins of Glathath
Once a fortified keep high above the Dor-Keln mountains, it stood as a defensive position, looking down upon the land as a symbol of protection in the mountains.
Guarded by the warriors of Dor-Keln, the keep fell to an onslaught of corruption brought about by dark mages of Crom, opening a void to the realm of daemons.
Now twisted from the corruption this malefic fortress is home to Balor – the Celtic demon king and his minions. The towered fortress split in two and held together by dark chains.
Only heroes blessed by the light of Aibheaog may enter this land.



2x Top Winners pick one of the following:
Teal Enchanted Faewynd Fashion Set
Teal Mystical Wintermyst Fashion Set
Teal Flawless Charm (Royal, Keeper, Chronicler and Treasury)

3x Runner Ups pick one of the following:
Teal Faewynd Fashion Set
Teal Wintermyst Fashion Set
Teal Charm (Royal, Keeper, Chronicler and Treasury)


Send in your entry:

Post it on our forums by replying to this thread, include CHARACTER NAME (not username) AND WORLD
Or send to us email competitions@onethumbmobile.com and include the following:
Character Name

Deadline 5th July 2017 - Winners will be announced within 2 weeks of competition end date.

Good Luck Heroes!


Inappropriate entries will be removed
At the discretion of the team and entry number dependent the prize pool may be expanded
In the event of duplicates, the first of the duplicates will be the accepted entry.
No entries will be accepted after the deadline.
Entries must be sent via email OR posted on the forums
ONE entry per user
General Terms and Conditions apply

Must have a low budget if you guys can't come up with any original ideas...

Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

be0wulf wrote:Must have a low budget if you guys can't come up with any original ideas...

OTM lets the players help design certain parts of the game. Not only is there nothing wrong with that, but it's really cool! ;)
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Set a man aflame, you warm him for the rest of his life.

Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Kril wrote:
be0wulf wrote:Must have a low budget if you guys can't come up with any original ideas...

OTM lets the players help design certain parts of the game. Not only is there nothing wrong with that, but it's really cool! ;)

Actually muldar confirmed the team would consider these for ideas as future areas but that it isn't guaranteed that any will be implemented and its just a contest for fun

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