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Re: The mighty necromancer

xHashTaG wrote:xHashTaG

An hour of farming completed. I say to myself "That was tiring." I head off to sell the hawkhurst chests that i looted. "You have gained 200k," I whisper to myself "Sweet!."

My friend asks in the clan chat if i wanted to lix, I replied "Sure man." So we leyed to the Forbidden Halls and trained on the mobs. Suddenly a notification came up from groupie. "Necro up! Lets do this clannies!!!." We finished our lix and headed to necro. Before we start necro, we changed our build to strength. As a rogue, i wore my exalted dragonlord armour and my wives (Exalted dragonlord dagger & Rondel). I feel strong suddenly. I was assigned to the dps group. There are about 3-5 groups in necro. Tank/Heal, Rangers, Ghosts adds (For the divine dmgers only) and lastly for the clannies below 190 are the zombies adds group. My dps group's job was to kill necro. While waiting for the clan to get set up, we saw a player from the rival clan. We knew he would call his clan so we hurried. 2 minutes later a horde of InnerCircle clannies from Rhiannon joined us. They looked at us with a smile... I say in the can chat "Dont worry fellas, we got this." Our leader GreekGoddess inspires us to try our best. We were all set, but before we could even start, Innercircle's Dps group ran towards necro and started on him. So we started our haste lixes and attacked necro hoping we could lock him. The ghost group was busy killing ghosts with the other ghost group from Innercircle. 2 Tanks were trying to get the aggro of necro. Master187 and Sebranis. It was a 50/50 competition between them. The adds group were having trouble, we did not have many online, but we had Innercircle helping with the adds so we were good.

2 minutes have passed and no lock yet! Our clan DEADLIEST is so eager to get our first necro kill. 2 acolytes spawned, they were killing most of our dps. So we had to kill them fast while innercircle was hitting necro! 1 minute later we killed the 2 acolytes and rna towards necro to try to ffa againts ic, but before we could even reach necro it was locked... Innercircle won the ffa. We were all frustrated. People started swearing at each other. We ran back to watch them kill necro. Necro is on 2% health, everyone in Innercircle was shouting "Wohoooo!!." But suddenly necro raged! So i posted in groupie for everyone to come back again. We were all set and Innercircle was not as most of them had curse. We quickly killed the 2 acolytes, got in position and started necro! Innercircle Stupidly ran towards necro and started a ffa with us again! We were all laughing as they kept dying. 5 minutes have passed and we got the lock. Innercircle was standing on the side with a frown.

We relixed and tried our hardest to kill necro. We all thought everything was going great but 5 minutes later at 1% Hp necro raged! So we had to get all our dps to attack necro. "xHashTaG has killed Afnisien the Necromancer Gold won: 12098 Items got: Shadow dagger etc." We all celebrated! Spammed clanchat, shout everywhere in Rhiannon!

I screenshot the screen and i will always remember the day my clan killed the mighty necromancer! Rhiannon is a fun world and is dominated by 2 clans who eagerly ffa everyboss such as Modris, Aggy and Necro. I end the day, lixing with my friends. I turn off my ipad, brush my teeth and go to sleep.

The next morning i wake up. I check the Celtic Heroes website. "Gelebron Arcane Sanctum."

To be continued... :lol:

Correction: this post is made in 2017 :lol:
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Too long have I rotted in this cursed place referred to by the "Heroes" as the Catacombs... Dustwither they call it. A fitting name indeed, considering the decorum and it's gruesome inhabitants. I spend my days standing in this place; waiting. Sometimes I am blessed with the pleasure of battling a Hero sent here in search of fame by those dreadfully optimistic druids of Belenus. All come here to no avail, of course, for I am the fabled Manus Blackstone; head of the Blackstone clan and God to the Celts. I have been planning my attack on the mortal world with incomprehensable precision, and soon Donn shall resurrect and wreak havoc on those who dare oppose him. This should be my final entry before Donn comes and ta--

Dearest Reader,
You may have realized the sudden pause in our friend Manus' diary. Or journal, as he preferred to call it. I do apologize for this, as I was burying a dagger deep into his back.
~Anonymous Hero

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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

mallach elder

spring has finished and it was time for us morcas dryad to rise in the warm of summer we were orderd by the warlocks to take over this world

me and skain were ordered to control Lir's Reach
cronach controls stone village and jalan controls the other world

the king ordered his guards to kill us but his force wasn't strong enough to beat us
and we succeeded in our first mission

the second part off the plan was to rise the other morcas creatures by help from Trasgar of Cinereal as she can spread the morcas spell to rise them she ordered the fairies to spread the spell as the creatures begin to rise and destroy all of the recourse and shelters

all the people gathered in farcrag castle and most of them were badly injured

the third part was to transfer all the elder morcas dryads to there final forum by wearing the rings-necklaces-charms of the previous fallen morcas dryads getting them was by getting back in time and the only way to get back in time is by combining the disc fragments and throw them at the other world's portal but the only fragments was with the wardens but they were protected by the magical stone surrounding them we were thinking about a way to disable the ability of these stone so we they asked the black stones since they hold the power of travelling as they said gathering the fallen stars which is held by the red creature will do the trick we gathered them and break the spell the wardens handled the disc fragments without offering any resistant
we teleported to the previous morcas dryads and we asked them to give us the rings-necklaces-charms and went back to the future and succeed in the third part and we transferred to mallach witherleaf-sakin banebark-cronach spitesap-jalan curseroot

mean while in the castle the king hoped to see the heroes again then a hand from his behind holded his shoulder and when he turned around he was surprised too see them again he woundered how could they come back to life they told him that the portal the morcas used to get back in time was there way back the king wanted a way to get rid of the morcas creatures as sage padriga said kill Trasgar of Cinereal and the heroes succeeded in there mission and the morcas dryads has arrived in front of the castle all of them has fallen except mallach hes candidate was a mage but mages are weak targets for them because they can use ther ice-fire-magic to heal there wounds

then i surrounded him with a Thorn Snare and crushed him as i was about to kill the king suddenly a druid came to help and he surround me with a bee swarm and a warrior slashed my head as i fell to my death... how ever we will always be able to come back to life

to be countenue.....
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

The Necromancer,
Hello. May god bless your soul if you're reading this, because it soon shall be mine! I am unseen by many, but feared by all! For perhaps I should be crowned as one of the strongest bosses of all! You cannot defeat me alone, or with few fellow. But it take an army to aradicate my followers and I, but you barely accomplish it. As my value is great, and my health bar towers well over thy, I am fought on rare occasion. You think you can get rid of me forever? Bah! I am the might necromancer! I have been modeled after! Praises upon by all monsters in our land! It is many's dream to defeat I! I lurk in the sewers, come and find me. Bahahahahahaha....Petty fool.

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Gah! Everyday is the same thing. Those puny Celts that constantly try to defeat me! Do they know who I am? Stonefang doesn't give in to fleshy spell casting freaks! And the ones with the swords and the knives.. Who cares? One bite and off with their heads. I am the king of Lir's Reach... They must learn that. I am Stonefang, I am not just a wolf. I am a king. They fight, they cast, they heal each other. For what? They always fight valiantly, but I will always defeat them. Their puny groups can't help them. Yes, I admit, there have been times I... Let them win, but that was only when I didn't feel like a fight. My fangs are like iron, even though I am named Stonefang. One bite and you're done for. Who am I kidding? I'm undefeatable! The fleshies are so stupid! Good luck you pink pests, ha!


Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

I am a legendary ruler, I tame the wildest beast in all of dal riata. I see "legendary" heroes standing before me and my minions, today is the day of a great battle. The air is thin it smells like death all around me. Skeletons from past foes whom failed at taking me and my minions down scattered everywhere, and their fortunes are all upon my horde from legendary halberds to luxurious powerful jewelry. As the warrior runs up to me and begins to taunt me I call my minions to help me, swords swinging, arrows flying, and balls of fire smashing into us we know that this may be the day we meet our fate. The fight has been going for a while I feel my powers dwindling as I take my last breath. My powerful dragon mordris looks at me in the eye.... She knows I won't return from this battle. And at that moment right before my eyes closed and my heart stopped beating, the bond between my dragon was so strong an aura of magic, magic gathering around us for centuries upon centuries finally comes into play. MORDRIS BECAME ENRAGED. The heroes attacking begin to shutter in fear as my powerful companion is fighting them off. As time passed the arrows that penetrated mordris' scales began to crack and snap off. As if mordris began to heal on her own. Roaring with terror my dragon is fending them off! As the champion warrior died the other heroes began to run in terror. All that is left to accomplish now is for my dragon to fend them off. As the dust settled, and the heroes out of our way. I look at my fellow companion with such great honor and love....she is looking at me...... I smile as I begin to close my eyes, and fall into an eternal rest.


Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

God forsaken be I in this dank place o' a cave I call me home. Me first mate shipwrecked me poor Bearded Tortuga. Oh, how I loved that ship! News o' me misfortune has traveled far and wide across these here lands and many a adventurer dare t' take me precious sea charts.

Long ago, travelers were too afraid t' even dare rob me. Now, they come with all manner o' weapons and armor and mounts o' various shapes and sizes. What must I do t' stop them from comin'? I only have so many scallywags t' hold them off.

If only me pirate brethren would rise from t' east and show their faces on t' docks, these foolish heroes would lose all hope and succumb t' t' power o' t' pirate court. This land was once filled with heroes, but most have given up hope or have been slain in battle. Me brethren and I will never give up.

Ahh... I hear t' clankin' o' cutlass now. There must be a brave adventurer comin' me way now t' take me prized sea charts. Little do they know that this private cook o' mine happens t' be me best fighter. Let them come... let them die! "

“Ahoy! Young and foolish adventurer... if you want t' obtain that mestical weapon you seek at t' end o' your journey, you must vanquish me first. I hope that you brought some buckos along, this will not be easy, nor shall you see t' light o' day again. Me blade will be t' last thin' that you ever see in this life before you meet your gods."

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Through a monster’s eye

It is time, i can feel it in my skin, I can feel it as it gets louder and louder and…

I slowly open my eye. It is time, I have spawned again. I blink, scan the area, and see nothing. Its quiet here, for the time being. I imagine what wonderful battles will occur in the hours to come. Perhaps a massive group of level 100s will come and try to destroy me. I hope they at least provide a challenge.

The little eyes look at me in awe. They avert their gaze as they pass, and fly on. I know they will help me when the battle starts, aiding me in my mission. Blinking, I wonder if anyone will come for me. Time drags on as eyes fly past, patrolling the area. I wait, and wait.

After 3 hours I get sleepy, the sky is dark. It is pretty, with its streaks of light running across it. I am so very tired. *Yawn* I have to stay awake, I have *Yawn* to sta-*Yawn* aw…

Huh?! I open my eye and, ah, someone is here! I must have dozed off. Now, let the glorious battle… NO! Not again! I am Bubulus the Wrathful and I will not be soloed by another high lev-

As i fade into darkness I think, maybe next time...
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

I shalt not tell of the undead walking nor the wind and waiver.

I shalt not tell of the world come to love the happiness that they will soon savor.

I shall tell that I am ready to kill that I am coming.

I shall tell of all of dal riata screaming and running

I came to Dal Riata a learner, a simple man wanting and learning. I saved everyone and eventually became the protector of ALL OF DAL RIATA. Then one day the king told me THAT I WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH, that my magic DISGRACED HIM. He banished me. Eventually I died.

One day I was brought back to life. I knew that I could make Dal Riata SUFFER for what they did to me. They will be brought about to my dream of a world SCREAMING, a world DYING, where the dead walk and the living stand still as corpses. Their HEROES come time and again, but every time I kill more of them. Their foolish minds believe that they can KILL ME. I AM A GOD, THEIR GOD the god of DEATH! I will return again and again, every time wreaking more havoc. The heroes will BEG FOR DEATH before I finally grant them their wish. My undead will SLAUGHTER ALL. Every merchant, every minstrel, every peasant will bow and die. And the world will be set free from this Lord MacClirs PATHETIC rule. I may even make an alliance with these younger enemies of Dal Riata. Even Gelebron, who is more muscle than I am, will either die when his services are no longer required or be my pawn. I could give him the delusion of rule when I am the INVISIBLE HAND. The hand that will smother Dal Riata.
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