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Ostara Screenshot Competition!


Greetings Heroes

As spring begins to heat up and the first signs of summer and Beltane begin to appear in the horizon, now would be a good time to reflect upon the past few months!

Heroes! We would like to see your best screenshots showing the events of spring as it passes by and gives rise to the summer!

What have you been enjoying this spring event heroes?

As this competition came to a close we had a great time looking through entries both here and in the email box. We were overwhelmed by your composition ideas and had a tough time picking this round.

We'd like to say a special thanks to all who entered this competition and look forward to your participation in the next.

Now without further delay -
The Winners!

1st Place: 250 Platinum - Tristan
2nd Place: 150 Platinum - zInfurnus
3rd Place: 100 Platinum - Lothicia Gettin & Pigwontlaugh

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Re: Ostara Screenshot Competition!

edit: pic added, may suck cause i had to shrink size

i didnt really do much on ostara cause i was taking a break.

but description- being to short to be able to attack the dragon
2015-07-06 10.09.27.png
2015-07-06 10.09.27.png (50.18 KiB) Viewed 7968 times
lvl 1+ Mage on Donn

Re: Ostara Screenshot Competition!

Me withstanding the great dragons fire
image.jpg (252.15 KiB) Viewed 7964 times
JelleB 82 ranger (retired)
TheHealOfGod (finally)109+ druid
some other noob accounts

Re: Ostara Screenshot Competition!

Space reserved
Forever a part of Rosmerta's Forever.
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Re: Ostara Screenshot Competition!

We outlocked a full group of our clannies and one of our generals fired us lol
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Thyra 204 rogue (Rosmerta)

Faolan Wariche 224 warrior (Arawn retired)

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