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Re: Win Free Platinum! Haiku Competition!

Hackulous wrote:
Mossbumblebee wrote:Note: this isnt a haiku.

The fact that there are some forum-users who are posting for the first or second time makes me think they might be alts/made account, so they have more chance of winning.
Of course i have no proof, but maybe OTM can do a IP-check or something like that?
Wouldn't be fair if people made alts to make for haiku's...

I agree i think you should have at least 10 or 20 posts before you can enter in the competition or to make it harder for rede account fakers maybe even 40

Yea... I saw some only 1 post on this. And make it lvl 30 in game to join this giveaway.

Re: Win Free Platinum! Haiku Competition!

Living statues smashed,
Weapons dripping with his blood,
Fighting till the end
Immortalius Lvl 215+ Warrior
Vyper Lvl 196 Ranger


Re: Win Free Platinum! Haiku Competition!

I'm the firestarter

Watch as I set you ablaze

Beasts into ashes!

Please check the syllables on the 1st line - Dexxa

hi... my first line is I'm (1) the (2) fire-(3) star-(4)-ter (5). that is 5 syllables unless u are counting 'fire' as two syllables...upon researching this word maybe taken as either one or two syllables. i grew up knowing fire is one syllable.

Here's the tweaked version should u guys conisder fire as two syllables only. thanks for checking and the reminder too.

The firestarter

Watch as I set you ablaze

Beasts into ashes!
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