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Win Free Platinum! Haiku Competition!

Every heroes needs time to relax after a hard day of battling. What better way than to sit under one of the trees in Lir's Reach, gaze out across the land and pen a short poem, a haiku to be exact. Using inspiration from the world and battles that you have experienced,Heroes take a break from the fighting, let your mind wonder, and write your experiences in a 3 line Haiku!


Haiku's run in a 5-7-5 syllable format of 3 lines and do not have to rhyme.


Druid what I am! (5 - Druid being 2 syllables (sounds))

Healing tanks so they don't fall (7 - Healing being 2 syllables(sounds))

Nature heed my call (5 - Nature being 2 syllables (sounds))


Block, slash, block, slash, block

No foe shall pass by this shield!

We shall not fall, fight!

The Prize:

1st Place: 225 Platinum Bobcatsfury

2nd Place: 200 Platinum Oberyn

3rd Place: 150 Platinum Kril

4th - 6th Place: 75 Platinum Windblade, Tintinero1, OpticalAwakens

The Competition!

Heroes! The Winners have been declared!


Special thanks to everyone who took part, and we hope you had as much fun writing these Haiku's as we did reading all your entries.

Stay strong Heroes, the next competition is just around the corner.
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Re: Win Free Platinum! Haiku Competition!

The winds are howling! (5)
My vines will be intwining! (6)
Finally foes dieing! (7)

You will need to edit the 2nd and 3rd line in order for this entry to count - Morgana
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Re: Win Free Platinum! Haiku Competition!

Slash, crush, slash, shield bash (5)
Evade shatter? Feel my wrath! (7)
Celtic heroes, fun! (5)

Edit:Thanks Morgana :)

You will need to edit the the 2nd line in order for this entry to count (maybe evaded to evade as evaded has 3 syllables) - Morgana
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Your arguement is invalid.

Re: Win Free Platinum! Haiku Competition!

I buff myself up
Howling wind first to be cast
Enemy now dust.
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