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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

My entry:

Bit of back story about Fomorians:
The Fomorians once followed the The God of Death.. Balor, who would provide the fomorians with victims but the evil race was left to their own devices when Balor was killed by his son Lug, who shot him with a slingshot.
The Fomorians returned to their waters and transformed into sea monsters who prey on humans but while the water is freezing, the Fomorions transfered back into land creatures and rehabilitated into dal raita.
All story's are different about the fomorians as nobody knows what really happened, It is all just fictional.

The leader of the Fomorians who is known by the humans as the Fomorian Icelord rides a dangerous Warhog.
The Fomorian minions who follow there leader walk on there feet and carry much smaller weapons.
The Fomorians are known by there Goat head figure and there human like body. Some of the fomorians are mutated with only 1 arm or leg and the other being goat like with hooves.
Fomorians will kill or attempt to kill any human/creature that gets in there way while they wait for spring to arrive to return to the waters.

Fomorian Icelord level : 200
Fomorian Minions level : 195

Number of Minions : upto 15 (Extremely Low health minions)

Once the Boss is 10-20% left, the Warhog Dies and the Fomorian Icelord shouts something in anger then steps off the hog then his resistances fall by 50% but his damage increases by 50% (unable to cast any skills once hog dies).


Main boss skills
Venomous Bite (Poison DMG): The warhog bites its enemy dealing huge damage and spits venom at everyone within a small radius.
Groundstomp (Cold & Crushing DMG): Stomps the ice dealing small damage to everyone within a large radius and interupts everybodys skills.
Hog Charge (Crushing & Slashing DMG): Hog charges at random person while sweeping his sword and damaging all the people he passes through.
Call for help : The Formorian Icelord calls for help and 5 more minions spawn - Minions stack up and could be upto 15 minions at a time - Cast time - 2 Minutes

Minion Skills
Ice Shield: Buff a small 2 second shield to there leader as the fomorians are known to be magical.

Boss Resistances:
High Crushing Resist
Low Peirce Resist
Low Slashing Resist
Medium Poison Resist
High Cold Resist
Low Heat Resist
Low Magic Resist

Levels 185-190-195
3 Tiers of drops.
It will drop
Offhand weapons
Boots (Work with DL AURA)
Chest Armour (Work with DL AURA)

Picture of drawing for the outline done starting colour:
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

His name is Dagon The Mystical
Level : 180 6star or 190 6 star
Minions Name: Centaurs Tame
Spawn time: Once every 2 weeks
Weapons Drops:
L180 or L190Dagger Of Dagon(rogue)
L180 or L190 Legendary Blade Of Dagon(warrior)
L180 or L190 Mystical Totem Of Fire(druid)

That's what I have so far :)
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Alban Arthan Level 200
Each Yule, the land of Dal Riata passes into the cold darkness of hagalaz to be restored anew. This year the sun god refuses to fulfill his journey at the close of the wheel of the year leaving no place for his successor and the impending spring. His plan is to drain Dal Riata of all things holding life bringing warmth. He has the support of a multitude of perchten, the Bleak Harbingers of winter doing the bidding of wicked evil spirits who would have Dal Riata fall into a gloaming mockery of what it once was.

Massive Hit Points (Somewhere between Garanak and Monolith of the Maelstrom)
Huge Resist to Ice and Pierce (Practically Useless)
Fairly Low Resist to Fire and Magic
Alban Arthan is a Stationary Boss due to his placement in the Tree of Mistletoe

Alban Arthan has three skills which attack a single target that act as a pox and can be cured/prevented by their cooresponding items (works like pox pots on withering pox)
Warming items last 3 minutes or until death and are both preventatives and cures. They can be found on the Death Harbingers which accompany Alban Arthan
HUMBLE- single target pox cured by MYRRH INCENSE
DISHEARTEN- single target pox cured by BAYBERRY CANDLE
CHILL TO CORE- single target pox cured by YULE LOG
PURLOIN FERVOR- AOE skill (acts as energy drain)
HARVEST VEHEMENCE- AOE skill (acts as life drain)


Bleak Harbingers level 190 adds
The Bleak Harbingers are the supporters of Alban Arthan. They have pillaged the lands of Dal Riata destroying and confiscating all things warm for fear they will bring renewed life and hope to the lands. They have also been known to capture those with good intentions and lash them with willow branches.
All Two Stars
Hit Points (on par with 180 wyrms)
Spawn Time- 1 to 2 minutes
XP- low to none due to the ease of the kill
They do not activate boss when hit, but they do activate each other and activate when boss is hit
High Cold and Pierce Resists
Low Heat and Magic Resists

Percht Running- (acts as shield bash) Intended to hold players still for boss AOE
Willow Lashing-(acts as very high damage rend) this skill has a long cooldown upon spawn and is intended to make it necessary to kill adds rather than tank them

Overall percentage of getting a drop 10%
likelihood of drop type
YULE LOG 33% This log warms you as if burning with eternal fire.

BAYBERRY CANDLE 33% This candle pervades the air with feelings of warmth.

MYRRH INCENSE 33% From this censer wafts the warm smell of myrrh.

optional 1% drop Willow Branch Novelty weapon with slashing damage


Reference picture taken from salisburg info.com for their Percht Runnings

Alban Arthan Drops
Weapons follow normal pattern of stat regression through imperial and royals. The examples below are Godly versions only.

Godly Hearthstone Totem
One Handed
Crushing Damage: 120
Heat Damage: 150
Attack Speed: 3322
Focus: 120
Natures Embrace skill level: 15
Gives Skill: Beloved Martyr
Infinite Uses
Important Item
Class Required: Druid
Level Requirement: 190
Weight: 10

A weapon forged from the salvaged hearthstones
left behind by the destruction of Alban Arthan. It grants
the skill Blessed Martyr which heals 10000 Hit Points to
target player by sacrificing your own life.

Beloved Martyr cooldown time 5 minutes

Godly Hearthstone Wand

One Handed
Magic Damage: 120
Heat Damage: 150
Attack Speed: 3443
Focus: 120
Energy Boost skill level: 15
Gives Skill: Muster Gall
Infinite Uses
Important Item
Class Required: Mage
Level Requirement: 190
Weight: 8

A weapon forged from the salvaged hearthstones
left behind by the destruction of Alban Arthan. It grants
the skill Muster Gall which increases the energy of all nearby
group members by 600.

Muster Gall cooldown time 5 minutes

Godly Hearthstone Bow

One Handed
Piercing Damage: 170
Heat Damage: 150
Attack Speed: 3142
Light Heal skill level: 15
Gives skill: Instill Acuity
Infinite Uses
Important Item
Class Required: Ranger
Level Requirement: 190
Weight: 10

A weapon forged from the salvaged hearthstones
left behind by the destruction of Alban Arthan. It grants
the skill Instill Acuity increasing the evasions of all nearby
group members by 1000 for 2 minutes.

Instill Acuity cooldown 5 minutes

Godly Hearthstone Mace

One Handed
Crushing Damage: 210
Heat Damage: 150
Attack Speed: 3505
Defensive Formation skill level: 15
Gives Skill: Egnite Benefactors
Infinite Uses
Important Item
Class Required: Warrior
Level Requirement: 190
Weight: 25

A weapon forged from the salvaged hearthstones
left behind by the destruction of Alban Arthan. It grants
the skill Egnite Benefactors increasing the attack of nearby
group members by 1000 for 2 minutes.

Egnite Benefactors cooldown time 5 minutes

Godly Hearthstone Knuckles

One Handed
Crushing Damage: 110
Heat Damage: 150
Attack speed: 1620 (only on this weapon attack speed for imperial and royal drops to 1863. This leaves the Godly as the only weapon which the speed negates the benefits of haste lix due to the speed cap.)
Smoke Bomb skill level: 15
Gives skill: Shroud in Soot
Infinite Uses
Important Item
Class Required: Rogue
Level Requirement: 190
Weight: 6

A weapon forged from the salvaged hearthstones
left behind by the destruction of Alban Arthan. It grants
the skill Shroud in Soot disguizing nearby group members
from enemy eyes for 2 minutes.

Shroud is Soot (acts as calm for group) cooldown time 5 minutes

Other Drops
Godly, Imperial, and Royal Rings

Druid: Bless-Warming ring of Consecration
Stinging Swarm-Blazing ring of the Hive
Mage: Sacrifice-Warming ring of Exhuberance
Incinerate-Blazing ring of Hearthfire
Warrior: Shield Wall-Warming ring of Shelter
Shatter-Blazing ring of Debilitation
Rogue: Expose-Warming ring of Disclosure
Quickstrike-Blazing ring of Desecration
Ranger: Conceal-Warming ring of Obscurity
Rapid Shot-Blazing ring of Briskness

Works Cited for Alban Arthan
Information on celtic lore including but not limited to Names, Events, and Ideas came from or were inspired by:
Deeper into Alban Arthan by Eilthireach-Order of Bards Ovates and Druids
Riddles in Stone: Myths, Archaeology and the Ancient Britons by Richard Hayman
Llewellyn's 2014 Sabbats Almanac
The Book of Celtic Lore by John Mathews
The Practice of Celtic Wisdom: Druid Magic by Maya Magee Sutton, Ph.D. and Nicholas R. Mann
Salisburg info.com
Wikipedia 8^P
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YourHero 195 Warrior
ItsNotGebu 195 Rogue
Fortis Gaudens 120 Ranger
Etc etc etc etc

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Carman the Celtic Witch and her three sons, Dub (Darkness), Dother (Evil), and Dain (Violence)


Carman the Celtic Witch
Oil on Watercolour by Johannes Gubat

Concept, Adaptation, and Story by Bennet Gubat


Night falls on Lir’s Reach.

Daylight has finally conceded its battle against the blizzard that rampages through the countryside, vowing to return yet another time. The people have barricaded themselves against the heavy snows, keeping snug within their homes, cradling a warm pint, building up their fires to last the long cold night. Nothing stirs in the countryside. Not even the light from hearth fires spill past a few steps beyond shuttered windows. Except for the snows, everything everywhere is still. Everywhere… except for the Eastern Docks.

A cloaked figure leaps from a canoe to the pier and fastens the rope it carried to one of the pilings. With gloved hand, it beckons to its two brethren, who quickly join the first.

“Untie it,” the tallest one said. “We have no further use for it.”

“Pretty sure of yourself, huh, Dother?” the first one murmured.

“No Dub,” Dother replied. “I shall not be exiled from my homeland again.”

Dub merely shrugged and proceeded to untie the rope from its fastenings.

The three watched the canoe drift off into the icy sea. When it was lost to sight, the biggest one grunted, turned, and started walking. Dub and Dother soon followed.

Dub asked, “You know where to go, Dain?”

Dain merely grunted again in reply.

“He knows,” Dother said, “as well you should.”

“Yes, yes, just checking,” Dub replied. “Get close enough to the leystone, wait for the signal, start the ritual, and do everything before Imbolc. You’ve drilled us enough times to put a rock to sleep.”

“For an assassin, you talk too much,” Dother noted. “And yes, we must do it quickly before the gate to the Otherworld resumes its strength.”

“Mother would be so glad…”

A grunt of warning from Dain interrupts Dub, who continues in the same voice, “Rest easy brother. Between the wind and their walls, whoever is in that tavern will not hear a thing.”

“It matters not, for from here we move separately.” Dother looks askance at Dub and continues, “Try and not get into trouble before we’re done, will you?”

“And when have I ever failed you, brother?” Dub’s voice replies, as his entire form vanishes into shadow.

Dain grunts, takes a final look at his elder brother, and walks away, the sound of his footsteps faint against the howling wind.

Dother puts on his mask, then gets down on a knee to examine the frozen ground closely, fingers caressing the blades of brittle grass under the snow. Seeming to reach a decision, he raises his head to the north, and gradually but perceptibly vanishes from sight.

Except for the snows, everything everywhere is still once more.


Carman and her sons are of the Fir Bolg, the race that was ousted by the Tuatha de Danann. It is said that the Fir Bolg were descended from the Nemedians, the original inhabitants of Erin.

She and her sons were defeated by the Sons of Danu. Her sons were driven out to sea, and Carman was herself imprisoned. It is said that she died of grief and was buried in Wexford.

Now, just when the gates of the Otherworld were weakened by the passing of Samhain, and before it fully recovers with the advent of spring, Carman’s sons have returned in the hopes of bringing her back. They plan to harness the power of the leystones scattered across Lir’s reach to call out to her shade, and keep the portals weak enough for her to pass through.

Their ultimate goal is to once more wreak havoc upon the land, using their powers of blight to prevent spring from ever arriving, driving the descendants of the Tuatha away, and once more reclaim the land that they had always considered as home.

Carman appears as a shade in the Otherworld, staying close to the portal in order to pass through quickly once the ritual of opening has been completed by her sons. She uses a combination of fire and blight magic to burn and to weaken her enemies.

Her sons are human (Fir Bolg), have different specializations, and have each positioned themselves along leylines in Lir’s reach, at points equidistant from any 2 leystones.

Dother (Evil), the eldest, is an archer. Dain (Violence), is a hulk of a warrior, while Dub (Darkness), is a rogue.


1. Carman
a. Wraith Touch – Carman’s Auto Attack comes with the chill of the Otherworld, dealing cold damage to her enemies.
b. Conflagration – Carman’s standard bolt. Single target, fire damage.
c. Carman’s Revenge – Wide-cast, radial AOE, doing initial poison damage and poison DOT.
d. Melancholy – Carman inflicts her grief on her attacker, reducing both HP and energy, and weakening their resistances for a duration.
e. Decay – Carman points at a random target, and inflicts a long duration curse, doing poison DOT.

2. Dother – “This is our home. Never again shall you drive us away”
a. Auto Attack – poison tipped arrows, initial piercing dmg, and poison DOT for lol.
b. Festering Vines –Radial, AOE. Rotted vines sprout from the ground, entangling Dother’s enemies, slowing their movement speed, attack speed, lowering evasion and causing light poison DOT.
c. Longest Draw – Dother draws his bowstring to its furthest extension, releasing his arrow to cause high piercing damage. Single Target
d. Call of the Wild – at intervals, Dother corrupts the minds of the creatures nearest him, including the rabbits and frogs, and orders them to attack his enemies. Wide AOE. Maybe give him a couple of corrupted wolves as adds
“Nature bends to my will”
e. Enrage – at 10% HP, Dother enrages, increasing his attack speed, but lowering his defense
“No, not again!”

3. Dub – “So, you’ve come to play with little ol’ me haven’t you?”
a. Auto attack – poison tipped knife. Does piercing damage, and poison DOT, again for lol.
b. Shroud of Darkness – Dub enshrouds himself in dark smoke, lowering the hit rating of those who dare attack him. Affects spells as well.
“Now you see me, and all that…”
c. Dance of Knives – Dub’s hands move with blurring speed, doing a quadruple strike on his attacker, or attacking up to 4 enemies within melee range. Slashing damage.
“Here a cut, there a cut, everywhere a cut, cut…”
d. Dance of Shadows – At 50%, 25%, and 10% life, Dub streaks across the battlefield, too fast for eyes to see. He steps behind 2 random targets and strikes, doing instakill damage, before returning to his original position.
(At initialization) “Upsy daisy…” (After move) “Downsy daisy!”
e. Enrage – at 10% HP, Dub is constantly Enshrouded. His other stats remain the same. Devs may choose to increase Dance of Knives frequency.
“Forgive me, brothers…”

4. Dain – “Rawr!”
a. Auto attack – Dain slashes with his giant axe. Doing slashing damage.
b. Poison Whirl – Dain does a Sweeping Blow type move, doing initial slashing damage within melee range. His poisonous sweat splatters across his enemies, cause a light poison DOT.
c. Shattering Stomp – Dain stomps the ground with extreme force, causing a cone-shaped AOE of spikes to erupt from the earth, doing piercing and blunt damage.
d. Poisonflesh – At 50% HP, Dain’s sweat turns into an acidic compound, causing instakill fire damage to those who auto attack him.
Dain’s body takes on a greenish tinge.
e. Enrage – if the fight lasts more than 15 minutes, Dain enrages, lowering his defense but increasing attack speed and frequency of skills.
f. Dying breath – “Hnnnngggh…”

Original adaptation from Celtic lore, culled from various articles across the interwebz
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!


(Based on the banshees in Celtic myths)
I like the name Iradras but names can change easily


Deep under the ice of the long frozen Glenmor lake resides the howling woman, so ancient she has long since been forgotten in text and mind of man. Only songs of the ancient womans thunderous songs are told around midnight fires to scare children from wandering alone into the woods. In ancient times when the Gods of Del Riata were at war and Crom Cruach ruled the lands, the lands of Glenmor were not frozen, but was rather a massive forest with a lake of water so blue it appeared to be filled with the tears from the blue sky, the land was unplagues by the influences of Crom. All was at peace in Glenmor, Bards sang merry tales and children played among the massive woods, dreaming of the adventures they would partake of when they came of age. When the evil god Crom Cruach's influences began spreading into the lands of Glenmor, beasts of horrendous variations of shape and appearance began to follow, but none were as powerful or as terrifying as the shrieking woman herself. On the night of her arrival men and women and children cowered in their homes, fending off the continuous onslaught of fearsome beasts.Shrieks and and howls and roars of every type, almost as if instantly stopped, the people of Glenmor cowered as an ominous silence fell over their town. Then the temperatures began to drop, the warmth from every home, hearth body and fire began to be instantly overtaken by the deathly caress of cold. The members of the town began to leave their homes and eventually massed into a large huddle of bodies struggling to draw warmth from one another. Then, a small child pointed towards the lake, every towns member looking over the crystalline blue lake saw her approaching. A massive woman, gowned entirely in fabric that appeared to be woven from the thinnest strands of ice. She was the height of at least twenty men and her flesh looked and radiated a soft blue glow. Atop the woman's head was a massive crown elegantly shaped from massive shards of glacial ice, her face however, was covered by a veil that appeared to flow over the mid length of her body and over her pointed shoulders. With each advancing step through the water, the temperature seemed to drop in tenths of degrees at a time. Then with a sudden pause, she stopped her advance and raised a hand to lift her veil; with a flick of her hand she threw the fabric over her crown and revealed her visage. Her appearance was not one of a beautiful woman, but of a terrible ghoul. Where two eyes should have been was two empty sockets that released a white mist that one could only image would freeze a man so cold that the ice itself would shatter from the sheer temperature. Pursing her thick blue lips, she opened her mouth and bellowed a shrill hum that caused the winds to whip and forced the townsman to their knees covering their ears in agony at the assault against their ears. The winds began to dance around the townsfolk until ice began to form around their tattered clothes and hair, growing to eventually consume their bodies. Then like the monsters before her the shriek was halted almost near instantly. Looking up, the townspeople could see dozens of golden arrows covering the sky and lodging themselves among her icy flesh. Looking behind themselves, the townspeople saw men and women radiating a godly beauty and power, cloaked in golden auras hurling arrows and enchantments at the ice woman. One God, bigger than the others hurled himself at the woman and slashed her across the torso with his massive sword. Kicking her into the lake, the waters immediately began to freeze. Looking back at the mortals beneath them, the gods nodded and advanced in the direction of Crom's ever emanating power. The lands had never thawed, the lake remained frozen, but the people of Glenmor survived, learning to adapt to the ice that had invaded their once forested home. During the winter festival though, shrills can be heard from the ice, almost as if the shrieking woman was attempting to break free to exact her vengeance on those who had imprisoned her and all who serve them.

Damage and Resistances

Deals Cold Damage and has a Percentage Resistance to Cold Attacks, Heat Damage is the most effective.


Song of Ice- Some Kind of AOE Freeze attack that stuns players in a similar fashion to the freeze on the Arctic Skimmer Mount.

Glacial Purge- Hurls a ball of Ice, damaging players in an area similar to the mage skill Ice Blast (Interrupt-able)

Chilling Aura- Reduces her own Resistances and charges the attack for 5 seconds, but then sends a massive damage attack outward. (Only Used Twice at two stages of health)

Children of Ice- Summons 4 adds to assist her, dealing damage based on a percentage of her missing HP (Casts less frequently as she hits specific health intervals)


Summons 4 Adds that look similar but less detailed that herself that deal damage based on a percent of her missing HP


Not good with Ideas on drops but I would think it would be cool if either her crown or veil could be dropped on low percentage that gives extra cold damage and resistances to cold with additions to health and mana and some evasions, some variations could have added skill bonuses like the Mordris and Hrungnir Drops.

I'm all Idea'd out so Deuces :D
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

rsz_maokai_4 (1).jpg
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Roborus, The Natures Shadow

Spirit Of The Nature: When Roborus health goes below 50%, he drains the power of Nature and builds up a layer of shield that will give him extra Armour
Death Presence: Roborus poisons the ground by his presence which sucks up the life of all the nearby enemies, enemies lose Health and heal Roburus (each enemy can give Roburus up to 500 HP)
Seeds Of The Shadow: Roborus plants seeds of the shadow which then grow and create unique Plants; Ghostly Thorn Plant that is active for 5 seconds and is invulnerable, it fires poisonous thorns on 5 nearby enemies which become poisoned, the poison lasts 10 seconds and deals 100 poison Damage per second............. Spiritful Plant Plant that explodes dealing area magic damage
Wooden Spirit: Roborus reflects the next 3 spell attacks, returns 55% of the damage dealt to the caster

6 Ghostly Trees that drain energy from their foes (They do not deal Damage but they do drain tons of energy) Respawn Time is 2/3 minutes

Roborus Weapon
He uses his sharpened hands to drain the health from his enemies and uses mouth to drain amounts of energy

Drops pieces of Armor (Something like Darkflame but with some stats)
Spiritful Mask: +1000HP(if Warrior got drop) +550Defense(if Rogue/Ranger got Drop) +550Attack (If Ranger/Rogue got Drop) +1000Energy (If Mage/Druid got Drop)
Thornful Poison/Magical Gloves: +250Poison Damage (If Warrior/Ranger/Rogue got Drop) +500Magic DMG (if mage/druid got drop)
Blackstoned Greaves: +10 to Rupture (if warrior got drop) +10 Natures Touch (If Druid got drop) +10 Shadowstrike (if Rogue got drop) +10 Sharp Shot (if Ranger got drop) +10 Energy Shield (If mage go drop)
Shadowful Wooden Breatsplate:+500 Armour any class
Cursed Boots: +350 to all Resistances

Somewhere in the depths of Celebrons Tower, lives a Cult of Blackstones that had been defeated by the Wardens. The Cult has cursed the Lirs Reach but their supreme leader Manus, was defeated. Its been a long time of peaceful life for people of Lirs Reach untill one day... The Cult has been building up their Powers in their Tower, without anyone suspecting anything. Their Knowledge of Spells has grown, their Army has been defending the Tower but they have failed as the Frozen Masters had ben much stronger than their Human army. The Masters had broken into the Tower, without suspecting anything, they were searching for the Cult Of Blackstones. Untill the moment came, the Tower had exploded. While the Masters had fought the Army of Blackstone, the Cult has escaped to the Portal that was a path to their hideout in the Caverns Of Crookback. The Cult hadnt expected that they will not be alone, they had met their deadend, the Dragon Lords. The Cult was forced to surrender, but they didnt surrender without a little surprise. They had combined their powers to curse the Nature of Lirs Reach, Dragon Lords had no other choice but execute the Cult. But it was to late, the sound was heard, the Roborus was summoned.
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

My suggestion for a Fearsome Foe is Donn Cuailnge.

In Celtic mythology Donn Cuailnge is a Brown bull with white horns who was a symbol of wealth. This greed for this bull caused battles over rights of possession and while battling in a mountain pass Donn killed many enemies. One battle (the Cattle Raid of Cooley) a set of enemies were from Connacht and were prevented from taking the bull by Cu Chulainn who road in a chariot.

To construct this i would suggest using one of the ox present in Lir and making it gigantic with white horns. Maybe give it some red eyes to look evil and throw some snow on that nice winter coat to make the ox wintery. Placement of the bull could be in the southern pass to stay consistent with the battles taking place in a mountain pass. Around the bull could be high level connacht who defend the bull they are trying to steal. The bull itself could have skills similar to spirehoof and spearhorn using the same animations to cause the bull to kick and stomp. I would also add a skill where the bull impales players with its horns. This design allows for the utilization of pre-existing elements in Celtic Heroes while sticking to Celtic mythology and adding a winter flare.

For drops i recommend a variety of options. There could be armor made from the bull itself; helmet with horns, fur armor. Weapons lost in battle by Cu Chulainn; spear, axe, mace, bow. Although not weapons that would be used by Cu Chulainn i would throw in caster weapons as well. There is also a possibility of jewelry bade from the ox/bulls horn cut into rings or bangles, and fur made into amulets.

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Whew made it in time. Here's mine. :)

Miodchaoin, the Ogre.



Deep in the Karpati Mountains, a foothill moved.

It unfolded and rose to a towering height, boulders of ice and packed snow flaking off its edges and crashing loudly to the ground. The foothill had arms, and these it used to brush off the remaining ice and snow. It slowly took shape, like a statue of ice and rock under the hands of a master sculptor.

But this was no work of art. For what emerged under all that ice was the stuff of nightmares.

A dragon’s skull grinned atop its right shoulder. Battered and dull scales, presumably the dragon’s, covered its entire form like a cloak. It wore the skin of a frost bear as a cap, the bear’s arms almost reaching down to its tusked jaw. When it opened its mouth to take a deep breath, two men could have stood in it side by side with arms outstretched.

Miodchaoin has awoken.

The giant stooped down, its colossal hands punching into the snow beside it. It heaved, and when it stood once more, the ice around it cracked like glorious thunder. Its hands emerged grasping a gigantic axe of frostiron, one that could cleave houses in one blow.

Miodchaoin grunted, and shambled down the mountains.

Taranis watched all this with wry amusement. With the magicks of his Boggan sycophants, he had entered the giant’s dreams for many nights prior. In the dreams he wove a fantasy of lies, showing the giants three sons one by one being captured by the Heroes of Lir’s Reach, let loose, hunted down, and killed. He had stoked the fires of anger and revenge, and when the thunder god was satisfied that the ogre would do as expected, he had let go to watch his efforts bear fruit.

Taranis turned away from his scrying well, settled into his throne, and laughed.


Miodchaoin is a gigantic ogre. He wears the skull of a dragon on his right shoulder, the dragon’s scales as his cloak, and assorted bones from the same dragon as jewelry and ornaments for his boots and left shoulder pad. He also wears a bearskin on his head. Since his head is too large, it can do no more than be used as a hat.

Like most ogres, he has a tusked lower jaw, with protruding fangs. His eyes are entirely red and his nose is short and flat. He sports a ponytail.

Miodchaoin’s weapons of choice are twofold. The most obvious is his gigantic 2-handed axe made of frostiron. What is less obvious is his voice. With a shout he can destroy everything in front of him.


1. Auto Attack – Miodchaoin swings his axe at the enemy, causing cold and slashing damage.
2. Whirl – Miodchaoin grips his axe at the end of the shaft and swings it around, damaging all within range; midrange cold and physical AOE
3. Do Gra Fu – Miodchaoin shouts into the ground, causing it to erupt in a cone shaped wave of boulder sized fists, damaging all in its path. Blunt damage, AOE.
Miodchaoin kneels on the ground, and lets loose a piercing scream.
4. Rei No Nyu – Miodchaoin shouts into the air, dislodging ice particles, coalescing them, and bringing them down in a furious hail of ice spikes. Wide radial AOE, piercing and cold damage.
Miodchaoin turns its head to the sky and bellows like thunder.
5. Wrath of Miodchaoin – Miodchaoin’s anger fills his lungs, and he blasts forth a most destructive wave of sound. Wide range, radial, high crushing damage AOE.
Miodchaoin lungs expand rapidly.
Miodchaoin releases a destructive roar.
6. Cry of Confusion – Miodchaoin lets loose a disruptive, mid-range scream, knocking his enemies’ brains around. All skills get interrupted with a random chance of stunning players.

Creature from Celtic lore. Reference: http://www.mythicalcreatureslist.com/my ... Miodchaoin

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

My entry is something that I'd like to see implemented in game. The creature I designed is a Merrow or a Siren. I think they would fit quite nice in Fingals Cave and Lirs Reach c: Mobs in fingals cave would be 110-120 in level range. The ones in lirs could be 15-25.

The one stars are very weak, they would use just use their sharpened nails to attack pirates or whom ever gets too close.
Two star mobs would be a bit stronger and use weapons from the pirates or heroes they had previously slain.
Three star mobs are same stat wise as two stars but can sing to freeze targets on the spot.
Four stars are stronger than the three star, they sing and use the water surrounding them to slow down and stop targets from leaving.
The five star mob is a rare gold boss is significantly tougher than the rest, similar to the gold boggan bosses.

Sirens song- temporarily freezes target on the spot for 10 seconds and drains some of the targets energy by 10%
Swell- the siren controls the surrounding water to reduce the players movement speed by 50% for 30 seconds
rsz_1rsz_merrow.jpg (85.93 KiB) Viewed 5159 times
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