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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Wind Wraith

I am no great artist, but i have included a basic concept sketch of my idea.

I see the Wind Wraith as a creature amorphous of air and steam and ice and fire and Magic, all mixed into one.

As you fight the creature, it's morphs from one elemental version, air, fire, ice, and magic, to another.

This type of monster will test your resistances and elemental protections.

Level should be starting in the 70-80 in Fengal's Cave, and up to 110-120 in the tunnels.

You can also link the monster type to a quest wherein you need to collect one each of the four 'elemental tokens' in order to cash in the quest.

Anyway, this is my idea for a new monster set.


Just a simple ranger from Crom.
Wind Wraith by Rhobert9001
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

The Questing Beast
the Questing Beast, a nightmarish creature from the oldest myths, has been alive longer then memory has. Behind its every appearance is a trail of blood and murder. Its last known appearance was many years ago in stonevale just before the creatures became corrupt, and the beast is suspected of being the cause. Legend tells that this deadly beast, a horrifying combination of snake, leopard, and deer, has an array of deadly attacks. Not only can it freeze any enemy with a gaze from its eyes, but if given thd chance to inject its venom, it will kill all but the strongest warriors within seconds. Even the quickest rogue cannot evade its deadly hind kick, and the beast quickly bashes any enemies on its sides or infront of it with its rough head. This sinister beast has appeared in the otherworld, awaiting foolish enemies to come and provide its next meal.
Paralyzing gaze: all players in front of the beast are frozen for ten seconds.
Venemous bite: the player unfortunate enough to have the Questing Beasts anger focused on him will suffer a venomous bite, dealing 3000 pearcing damage on contact, and then the venom will cause 2000 poison damage per tick for the next twenty seconds
Hind kick: without warning and unevadably, the Questing Beast lashes out with its hind legs, dealing 4000 crushing damage to all enemies behind it.
Head whip: the Questing Beast whips its head around from side to side (affecting enemies infront, and on its sides) dealing 3000 crushing damage to all enemies nearby
Drop tier levels: lowest: beastly. Medium: shadowbeasts. Highest: hellbeasts
drops: gloves and boots for all classes, and bracelets that boost two skills and give a certain amount of stat (example: hellbeasts brace of the healer. Natures touch and natures breath +8, 150 focus)
couldnt add more details to drops due to lack of time. Thank you :3
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Evil is brewing in Otherworld... There has been a rip in the dimension and the malignant Imp King and his three minions have come to bring terror to Dal Riata. Can you stop him before it's too late?

Imp King Attacks

Laser Beam:
The Imp King fires lasers out of his eyes, dealing great damage.

The Imp King claws at you with his talons, causing you to gradually lose health over time.

The Imp King bites you, dealing great damage and slowly draining some energy for 5 seconds

Imp Minion Attacks

The Imp Minion bites you, dealing damage and slowly draining some energy for 5 seconds

The Imp Minion claws at you with his talons, causing you to gradually lose health over time.


Super Rare "Imp Wings":
80% speed, 100 dmg, 10% chance of causing 1000 dmg to opponent

Malignant Imp Charm:
40 vit and 10% hp regen

Wrathful Imp Charm:
20 Vit and 5% hp regen
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Well im not good with creating stats and skills and stuff but...the druids and blackstones need better animation :3 heres my design...


I edited your post ;) No worries. This is how you can do it next time: Easy and simple.

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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Pat32E wrote:Well im not good with creating stats and skills and stuff but...the druids and blackstones need better animation :3 heres my design...<a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=2n0leh5" target="_blank"><img src="http://i57.tinypic.com/2n0leh5.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

Well kept saying pic was too big and my url converter wasnt working that well i guess...so i just emailed pic instead maybe they will show it if im lucky enuff to win xD

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Gorog The Punisher

Info: this is a creature made entirely of ice it uses its massive arms and razor sharp hands to demolish all in its way

Skills: slash, Gorog uses his sharp hands to slash at his foes dealing Dmg over time

Sweep, Gorog uses swings his arms at his foes dealing dmg to all in front of him

Boulder toss, Gorog throws a massive piece of ice down at his foes the the ice shatters as it comes in contact with the Ground causing ice shards to fly in all directions hitting everyone within radius
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Since this competition is all about wings, I have come up with a boss for which you will have to use wings to defeat. In addition, all classes must work together by planning very well otherwise this boss is impossible to defeat (i.e. no class can be ignored). There will be a story quest to complete before getting to defeat this boss. The details are given below.

Blessings of Lir Quest
When the children of Lir were released from the evil spell cast by Aoife, they shed their feathers all over Dal Riata. These feathers were swept away by Aoife, who had been turned into an air demon for eternity, and are in the possession of her minions. All her minions bear the Sign of the Whirlwind, which is an enchantment granted to all her followers. Because of this enchantment, the minions have high evasion for single-target skill/spell attacks but are vulnerable to AoE skills. They can call upon the winds from seas and procure the Whirlwind skill, which randomly reshuffles a hero’s armours, weapons, and jewellery from the inventory. As, such heroes are advised to fight these minions when their inventory is free from unused equipment. On successfully defeating these minions, they will drop feathers, which are used for crafting wings. One Monk (or Saint) has the secret knowledge for crafting these wings, and when enough feathers have been collected, he instructs the heroes to obtain the final piece, the Bell of Freedom, which is in the possession of Aoife herself. Aoife the air demon and is immune to all weakening and DoT spells/skills. She is the master of the winds and can summon several hurricanes, which helps her teleport all over the area and cause heroes to lose their target on her and instead point to any of the hurricanes. They last for 15 seconds and are only illusions for distracting the hero. They do not deal or take damage. However, once the target is locked on these hurricanes, heroes have to wait for them to disappear before being able to attack Aoife again (I shall leave other skills to the imagination of the developers because she is not the main boss for this quest). When she is defeated, depending on the stars, the number of Bell of Freedom she drops may vary. On successful acquisition, heroes may return to the Monk with an offering of 50,000 gold for crafting the Blessings of Lir, which are described below. These wings grant up to 95% resistance from Oblivion attacks, which are the most dangerous skills of Magurnath the Obscure.

Blessings of Lir:
1. White wings of Fionnuala (Rarest)
95% Oblivion resistance, decrease any selected spell cooldown by 30%, grants 50 energy and health regeneration, and 80% movement speed (heroes are able to select which skill their cooldown has to be decreased upon equipping the wings)

2. Black wings of Aodh (Second rarest)
90% Oblivion resistance, decrease any selected spell cooldown by 20%, grants 30 energy and health regeneration, and 50% movement speed

3. Blue wings of Fiachra (Extremely rare)
80% Oblivion resistance, decrease any selected spell cooldown by 10%, grants 30 energy regeneration, and 30% movement speed

4. Purple wings of Conn (Common)
80% Oblivion resistance, decrease any selected spell cooldown by 10%, grants 15 energy regeneration, and 30% movement speed

Magurnath the Obscure
Magurnath used to be an apprentice of Cernunnos, who doted on him like his own child. From early childhood, he was well-versed in the ways of the wild, making him an excellent hunter, and took on much towards the appearance of Cernunnos himself. However, when he saw the world of men, he was tempted to test himself in battle and soon found himself straying from his true master and towards Nemain who trained him in the dark skills of battle. Being a creature without loyalty, he then turned to Morrigan and learnt magic. His thirst for power knew no bounds and he joined the Fomorians, aiding Balor in his battle against Lugh. Taranis, being jealous of Magurnath’s growing power decided to seize this opportunity and strike him down while still in battle. Hence, came down a lightening dealing a fatal strike across Magurnath’s head. However, the Harbingers of Morrigan kept watch over him and they picked up the Eye of Balor from the fallen Fomorian King and placed it in the hole in Magurnath’s head. The great magic contained within the eye revitalized Magurnath and his power in turn brought the eye back to life. For centuries, he lay hidden in the seas gathering his strength so that one day he may return and rule over Dal Riata.
Soon he came back again with five Harbingers of Morrigan watching over him. He is well-known for his Oblivion attacks, which are AoE skills that cannot be evaded unless the hero possesses Blessings of Lir or is buffed with class-specific skills/spells. He has high resistance and evasion for normal attacks but vulnerable to spell/skill attacks.
1. Eye of Balor:
The Eye of Balor is the most dangerous of all Oblivion attacks. It ignores all defence and armour, and its power gradually grows in seven successive attacks:
(i) He lifts the first cloak and ferns begin to wither (10% health loss).
(ii) He lifts the second cloak and grasses begin to redden (20% health loss).
(iii) He lifts the third cloak and wood and trees begin to heat up (30% health loss).
(iv) He lifts the fourth cloak and smoke comes out of wood and trees (40% health loss).
(v) He lifts the fifth cloak and everything gets red hot (50% health loss).
(vi) He lifts the sixth cloak and the whole land catches fire (60% health loss).
(vii) He opens the Eye of Balor and annihilates everything in his path (instant death).
Class-specific protection: Warrior buffs (melee skills)- 75% evasion

2. Sapping of Morrigan:
He unleashes an unkindness of ravens draining energy (100% energy loss, all energy regeneration, consumables, buffs, and boost disabled for 20 seconds).
Class-specific protection: Mage buffs (ice/fire magic)- 75% evasion

3. Deathstrike of Taranis:
He remembers the strike of Taranis and generates the Deathstrike fatally wounding the hero (50% health loss, all health regeneration, consumables, buffs, and heals disabled for 20 seconds).
Class-specific protection: Druid buffs (nature magic)- 75% evasion

4. Shrouding of Nemain:
He casts a fog of illusion across the area making it difficult to target and dodge attacks. The attacks each hero deals land randomly on allies in the group (zero dexterity and zero evasion for 20 seconds).
Class-specific protection: Rogue buffs (poison/cunning skills)- 75% evasion

5. Summoning of Cernunnos:
He calls upon the spirits of the woods to entangle you (50% decrease in movement and attack speed, disables all skill/spell attacks for 15 seconds).
Class-specific protection: Ranger buffs- 75% evasion

[Non-Oblivion skills have not been described]

Harbingers of Morrigan:
They are the five winged creatures of Morrigan sent to protect Magurnath. They are very close to the sidhes and can perform rituals to call upon the sidhes to aid them in battle. They have low vitality but extremely high spell attack evasion. Normal attacks are said to be more effective at vanquishing them than spell attacks. Their true strength lies in their union. Alone, they can do little to protect their master but together they perform great feats of terrifying magic.

1. Bean Sidhe’s Cry
Their ritual invokes Bean Sidhe’s Cry, which expels all winged heroes out of attack range for Magurnath and unequips their Blessings of Lir.

2. Baobhan Sith’s Fangs
Their ritual enshrouds Magurnath with sharp fangs over an area that the closer a hero gets, the more health Magurnath steals.

3. Mirror of Doom
Heroes can see their dark fate as they stare into the Mirror of Doom created by these creatures around Magurnath, deflecting all the attacks back on the hero by up to 100%.

Magurnath the Obscure (the eye of Balor is in the middle of the forehead and is closed in the picture because if it opens, anyone reading this post will die :D )

Harbinger of Morrigan
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

The Reaper
The reaper is a main boss who spawns around the skull crusher camp in lirs reach, he is a level 160 6*. He has a special aura for anyone who attacks him will be hit with 100 fire damage. This means that you will need a lot of Druids for this boss, he has a total of 100k health. Along with the main reaper boss, there are his minions roaming gywdion, although the reapers look like they are all different mobs, the reapers are actaully one mind. Around the main reaper spawns some of his minions they are level 120 5*, they respawn every minute and they have 35k health. This boss drops amulets which each give off a certain stat (Dex,Vit,Foc,Str) which give 250 to the stat. This boss drops a total of 15k gold if soloing (not really possible). Okay that's my best try! Here's my drawing hope you like it :)
This is my drawing of the reaper hope you like it!
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