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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

pigman wrote:Just to be clear....
Everyone realises you have to draw/graphically design it yourself?

It says if you dont have an original pic to reference it, or you can describe your foe.
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

The Ancient Wolf Master

This is The Ancient Wolf Master. He has come to Dal Riata from Unknown lands to men. He is here to take his revenge on The Heroes of Dal Riata. Will Your clan be the first one to take care of him? Or will you and your clan fail to Kill him and send him back to The Unknown Lands?

What did Heroes Of Dal Riata do to him?

Long ago before snow started falling and people walked on the sand, he was the great Leader of Dal Riata. One day thousands and thousands of Heroes came to live in those lands! The Wolf Master said: "The ONLY way you can take my lands is by defeating ME! The Great Ruler of this lands! The Wolf Master! Some heroes have took the Challenge and have fallen down.
Then One Morning when everyone were asleep The Great Dragon under the name Aggragoth attacked the Castle where Wolf Master was and almost killed him! But no! The Wolf Master escaped he had to run far away in order to survive! The Aggragoth became the Leader of the lands and no one could take him down a lone!

Time has passed by and Heroes had a plan to take Aggragoth down and take the lead of the Dal Riata because no one can rule the Dal Riata a lone! Thats to much power for anyone! So they took down Aggragoth and Everyone in the clan lived in Peace and Love untill they made new clans and fought against each other!

The Wolf Master send his raven to check over heroes and he saw that they were in the war against each other and the only way they could defeat him is by Uniting! He thought that they will not Unite so this has been a great time to strike! Will your Community Unite to take him down? Or will you fight against your Friends/Family?

Name: The Ancient Wolf Master

1. Freeze
2. Shield Bash
3. Energy Shield
4. Firestorm
5. Defensive Formation

He will have About 750,000-1,000,00 health.

220 level.

His Minions are going to be Wolf that will have 200,000 health and there is 4 minions and will be up again every 5 minutes.

He will be spawned at Warden Circle place.

Picture can been found at Safari under the name(yigit koroglu)

My Information:

Name: The Doctor
World: Epona

Sorry if I have misspelled some stuff I am not from America.:)
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

With lots of time on my hands because of holiday break, being unable to run the lands of Celtic heroes due to an old device (which I'm hoping is fixed), I thought it would be fun to give this a try. This is the most scary boss for me, for a few reasons: firstly I'm a Druid, so fighting a Druid boss would be quite terrifying. Secondly the adds would be terrible for Druids, and finally this bosses SoL would actually be useful.
As I cannot draw to save my life, I decided to write up a piece, with backstory and descriptions.

You enter a cave, leading off through the northwestern corner of Fingals Cave. A cold, deathly feeling creeps over you, and you take a deep breath, holding you're staff close. A screeching noise fills the air around you, and a swarm of bats erupt past you, out of the cave and into the night. You continue foraging, and soon come across a withered old man, holding something in his arms. You ask him if he is cold, and what this place is. 
With no reply, you slowly walk back away, fearing for your life and your sanity. When you have almost lost sight of the man, through the dark, damp, foggy air, the man speaks. His voice is raspy as he tells his tale. Once a lonesome traveler, he walked the lands, finding wondrous items, and seeing many a monstrosity. He even tells you he ventured into the otherworld, although you silently scoff to yourself at this point, thinking the tale outrageous.
As you turn to walk away, you hear the sound of hammers on anvils come from the far end of the tunnel, and see a cold blue light from the direction of the back of the cave. You hear the man say "He has come" but when you turn back to look, there is no man there, only a bright, white, skull, lying strewn n the ground.
You run out of the cave, and keep running, running, refreshed and reinvigorated by the clean air of Fingal.
You resolve to yourself that this will not be the end, that you will return and find out what happened, and with that you go in search of a few friends...

There is a single boss at the rear end of the cave, five times the height of a normal man, holding a staff in each hand that are the gnarled remnants of old, forgotten trees. There is a live tree, not far from him, and there are an assortment of hammers, weapons, and tools lying around, as well as fierce fires, used for forging, that burn with clear blue light. There are several (5?) mobs surrounding him, at one third his height, who wear the same clothing, and each holding a trident, and shield

Name of boss: Taritius the Manipulator
Main Boss is modeled after the Druid, holding a staff in each hand, and using four skills.
      - Deals heavy auto damage, and has quick attack speed and movement speed.
 - Power of Earth: the tree beside him lights with cold flame, and heals him and his adds, for a percentage of their health per tick, for 30 seconds.
 - Power of Storm: deals high magic and pierce damage to target, and half of that damage to surrounding foes, also stunning all targets.
 - Power of Life: similar to SoL, this spell revives one of his mobs with 50% health and 50% of on-death energy.
 - Power of Wind: knocks back all enemies five yards, and acts with a similar power to howling wind.

Mobs/Adds Name: 
1) Minion of Earth
2) Minion of Storm
3) Minion of Life
4) Minion of wind

Mobs/Adds: each carries a light trident and shield, that shine with pale light.
Tridents deal low-medium damage, and are thrown by the mob. Each mob also has a surrounding aura, that makes the mob attack anyone healing, I.e. Druids, rather than the traditional target, with the most aggro.
  - Throw Net: a net is thrown, enclosing the victim, prohibiting movement and decreasing attack speed to half. Lasts for 15 seconds, and is meant to stop the victim from running away.
  - Drop shield: at 50% health, the mob drops his shield, regains full health, but loses half armor and half defense.
Drops helms, weapons, and gloves, that grant skills of similar types to the ones stated above, dependent on class.

Good luck to all who enter the competition!
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

King Of Taurus:

"On a calm day in Dal Riata after the cold breezes has past,
The Taurus Gods of the Spring have came to Lirs Reach to cause chaos to the heroes that follow.
Followed in by other kings to help seize destruction.
You the Hero can follow the path to defeat the Mighty King of Taurus or you can relax in the castle and tavern and have fun doing new quest that Loot you valuable Scrolls of the King, or maybe some tasty new treats."
The King is thought to be holding a valuable trident that is wraith for destruction
He also is thought to be carrying a Old Sheild used by the Stars of Anarchy

Level 210

Trident of the Taurus:
Damage: 800
Divine Damage: 150
attack speed: 4,300

The Great Sheild of Taurus:
Armor: 1,500
Damage: 400
proc skill: Divine Bash
Gives All health a incredible boost

( other drops to be determined)


500 thousand
100 thousand
1 thousand

Vicious Spear fury:
does up to 8,000 damage and takes 850 damage away per tick.
Taurus wraith:
All who is in the AO can be hit up to 1,500 damage
Touch of the Stars:
heals himself up to 50,000 health

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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

pigman wrote:Just to be clear....
Everyone realises you have to draw/graphically design it yourself?

Community wrote:If drawing is not your thing, feel free to send us images that you feel best represent your design along with your foe’s detailed information (Please include the source of the images if they are not your own).

If that's not the case, then the instructions are a little confusing and should be amended.

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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Inaliel wrote:BACKSTORY

A new scourge is threatening Dal Riata, corrupting the very leylines of the earth! Melehan the Revenant -- elder son of Mordred, King Arthur's killer, is back from the dead to re-establish a reign of terror.

He has sent his Liches to corrupt the minor leystones, rendering them unusable to our heroes, and channeling their energy to power a spell that can teleport his army of monsters directly into the heart of Farcrag Castle itself. Dastardly! Devilish! Devious! Something else that starts with a D!

AHA I like it, and the " Dastardly! Devilsh! Devious! I want to say DANGUROUSE!" Good sense of humor :lol:
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Apollyon the Winterchief


One cold yule night in a small pocket of Fingal’s Caves, Apollyon, a young cub, cuddled beside his mother and father. In the middle of the night, Apollyon woke up to echoing voices of nearby warriors, singing joyfully in a language he did not understand. Apollyon noticed the voices getting louder as the party approached their den. Frightened by the nearing voices he heard, Apollyon began to growl to wake his mother and father – but he was already too late. The party of warriors stood behind them with their weapons drawn, surrounding the den. The party leader then smiled and shouted instructions, after which his warriors immediately began to attack. Shielded by his father, Apollyon survived the attack but was left with a deep scar across his left eye. With his right eye open, he saw that his mother and father had been slaughtered, and their bodies were being carried and taken away. A torn piece of the clan banner sat over the blood of Apollyon’s father in the den. He had seen this symbol before - a symbol that was tattooed on members of Fingal’s tribe. Apollyon escaped the caverns and found refuge in the nearby lakes…

The following night, a dark entity entered Apollyon’s hideout. He could not make out the figure and felt very weak in its presence. Suddenly, the entity spoke to him “Come to me. We have a common enemy. I will give you power. To avenge your family. Come to me. ” But before Apollyon could respond, the entity was already gone. Somehow, Apollyon knew its name, and where to find it even though he had never seen it before. He began to remember his slaughtered mother and father and became enraged. He got up and began to make his way to Crom’s castle…

Apollyon found Crom and became his servant in exchange for the power he had given him. Apollyon was transformed into a rampaging beast, slaughtering celtic warriors every year, during the yule festivals. Crom was impressed by his murderous rampage and promoted him to Winterchief, granting him more powers and an army of his own. Apollyon the Winterchief has since begun preparations for the upcoming yule, to unleash the coldest and bloodiest winter yet, upon all of Dal Riata…

Boss Details:

Becomes enraged if any of Fingal’s weapons are used against him (i.e. Dragonlord weapons/offhands) and immediately kills the player using it.
Slow attack speed: 2000
High auto damage
Immune to ice damage, bolas, grasping roots and freeze (including mount skills).
Weak to fire damage
Weapon: Hammer of Crom

Skill set:

Glacial Smash – Moderate damage crush/ice hit + Freezes target for 5 seconds. Cast every 60 seconds.
Execution – 5 second cast time – cast immediately after Glacial Smash – Deals incredibly high damage to target, but if interrupted, is not cast again until next round. Can only be interrupted with Shield bash.
Ice prison – AOE attack that freezes nearby players for 5 seconds. Cast every 45 seconds.
Arctic storm – AOE ice attack with low initial damage + deals damage over time to players hit by the storm (DOT Duration: 15 seconds). Cast every 30 seconds.
Blood sacrifice – Apollyon sacrifices 5000 HP to draw on Crom’s energy - doubling attack power and speed for 1 minute. Cast once every 5 minutes. Attack speed boost can be negated with Entangle.

Ultimate skills:

Apollyon’s Revenge – Cast once when boss HP reaches 50%. Apollyon becomes immune to all damage and effects for 30 seconds and during this time all of his attacks cannot be parried, blocked or evaded. All of Apollyon’s auto attacks become AOE during this time.
Final Stand – Cast when boss HP reaches 10%. Apollyon calls on the power of Crom, to regenerate HP equivalent to all damage dealt by Apollyon during the next 30 seconds. Attack speed is doubled during this time. Cooldown: 3 minutes.

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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Lurking through Dal Riata, is a familiar face we all once knew. This creature will heartWARM you when you see the look of his face. Your childhood memory shall come back to you, on the day you embark your journey. However, he isnt as friendly as you thought he would be. Instead, he is stronger, yet more intimidating than before. King of Flames has risen, to destroy Dal Riata! We must defeat this madness, we must be the ones who defeat him.

50: Pyrobryo: 5* (Minor)
6* (Black)
100:Pyro Hatchling 5* (Junior)
6* (golden)
150: 5*Pyro Basilisk (Acolyte)
6* (golden)
200: 5* Pyro Drake Lackey (orange)
6*Shiny Pyro Drake (black)

Flamethrower: direct to player, heat damage.

Fireblast: Aoe (heat damage) All players are affected within (?) meters.

Earthquake (physical damage): AoE damage, everyone is affected withen (?) Meters

Hyperbeam (magic damage): Direct Attack to Player, Must recharge so will be unable to attack for 15 secs.

Adds: Crystals that are able to Heal/Strengthen boss.

Thank you to Google Images for pictures :D hope u liked this post :)
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

My inspiration comes from the legend of Tuan mac Cairill.

Tuan was a human who was the only survivor of his kind from a mysterious plague. Being over 300 years old, he was left alone on his island where he passed away in his sleep. However, the next morning, he woke up as a stag.

As a stag, he became king of the deer as he was able to retain his memory and knowledge from his past human life. He was present at the landing of the Formorians, who introduced the festivale of Samhain. After watching many battles with new invaders, the stag died in his sleep once ore and became a bear.

He soon became king of the bears and observed the arrival of the Fir Bolgs, where he again died in his sleep, only to wake the next morning as a great sea eagle, where he could observe Earth from above. He saw the invasions of many other clans along with treasures including that of Lugh, Dagda and others. At this time, having gained so much knowledge from his long life, he died and woke the next morning as the Salmon of Knowledge.

But now, Tuan didn't die in his sleep...he was caught, cooked and eaten by the wife of Cairill, causing her to give birth to his final reincarnation: Tuan Mac Cairill (translated 'son of Cairill). He parted with his knowledge to Saint Finnian, leading to the writing of the Book of Invasions.

Enemy Tiers:
Killing one of these will therefore spawn the next tier up, as it is resurrected as in the above story.
  • Spawn of Tuan *
    Human, not capable of much other than a few warrior skills and physical damage.
  • Stag of Tuan **
    Being more knowledgeable and king of the deer, the stag can use animal skills (e.g. "charge of Tuan", where he charges into enemies) and also call for the help of nearby deer.
  • Boar of Tuan ***
    Like the stag, the boar can call upon surrounding boars for help, and also use boar-specific skills. Having increasing knowledge, it has a higher chance of evading attacks and skills.
  • Eagle of Tuan ****
    The eagle has a larger aggro range since it can see from above. It can only be physically attacked when on the ground (meaning mages, druids and rangers will be especially useful), although it can still be tanked when in the sky. Druids' rooting skills will be useful here. As it is so knowledgable, it can see straight through people's invisibility
  • Salmon of Tuan *****
    Also known as the Salmon of Knowledge, it is very wise and therefore possesses an ability to control its enemies for a short time: turning them against each other is its most infamous ability. It attacks via gushing waves, attempting to drown the enemy.
  • Tuan mac Cairill ******
    An extremely knowledgeable human, able to see through invisibility and can adapt to many situations. Often evades skills and attacks due to its extensive battle knowledge. For example, when running low on health, its skill set can change and hence need new fighting tactics by the Celtic heroes. These changes can, however, be interrupted like any other skill. The skill sets can include any of the aforementioned resurrections' skills.

As Tuan is known for his knowledge rather than his strength, this is was defines him and his difficulty: his health is not very extensive, neither is his energy. His main forté is intelligence and this is what makes him so powerful.

These are related to the aforementioned treasures and drop rarely, all providing some resistance against Tuan - there are also more common lesser versions of these.
  • The Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny)
    When touched, the stone is said to roar out across the land, and regenerate the health of the bearer by 2% per tick and by 15 per tick for anyone else who hears its roar.
  • The An Fragarach (a sword named "The Answerer")
    Once this glowing sword is drawn, no one could escape from it: it roots enemies to the spot for as long as it's wielded. It also knows an enemy's 'weak spot', meaning if the enemy was especially prone to cold damage, it would deal cold damage (for example).
  • The Spear of Lugh
    No enemy would dare initiate in battle with the bearer of the spear: it grows hotter the longer it is used for until it lashes out with a scorching flame at everything nearby, and surrounds grouped allies with a cloak of fire for a short time. It needs to be stored in water, increasing its weight. The spear cannot be evaded.
  • The Dagda Cauldron
    No man ever left unsatisfied with this bottomless cauldron. It would offer plenty of food, allowing energy regeneration of 2% per tick for its bearer and 15 per tick to allies in the group of the bearer.

These are dropped alongside more common magical rings, amulets and "Artefacts of Wisdom" - a glowing orb that grants the bearer the ability to see where any requested enemy is in Dal Riata. This is consumed upon use.


Image from http://logos-maialmila-fahl.blogcu.com/ ... u/10553435

http://www.clandonald-heritage.com/inde ... &Itemid=73
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Treas ... %A9_Danann
http://www.netplaces.com/celtic-wisdom/ ... -spear.htm

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