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Re: Samhain Screenshot Competition!

"But mum, I don't want to protect Urchaid from those nasty heroes! They just kill her over and over again- will I ever get a break?!"

"Yes you will, sweetie."

The true story- Leader of Clan: "Urchaid is ahead, prepare for battle, bring what few druids we have!"
Rogues: "We will leap into the shadows and strike her, but first gain her aggro."
Warriors: "Shields up, taunts ready, ATTACK!"
Rangers: "We... Uh... Yea... Attack!"
Mages: "Cast your lures and boost your energy, then we will attack with fire and ice!"
Druids: "Hurry heal him, he is almost dead!"
Urchaid tears one warrior in half, grabbing attention of the druids, rushing over to attempt revival.
Meanwhile, Urchaid quickly gains the upper hand, her silk ricocheting from man to woman and vice versa. A druid is hit by one of Urchaid's skills.... "Save.... your...sel..."
The battle rages on as they fight out of not rage or greed- but vengeance.
Urchaid has been defeated, and the undead surrounding her are very proud to be freed from her dreadful presence, chanting "We love the heroes!" whilst grasping on to them in greatfulness.

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